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Review : Jadeland Restaurant – Ottawa

625 Somerset Street West, (613) 233-0204, Webpage

Date of Visit: August 18, 2011

Ambience and Service

August 19, 2011:  This is a very small place holding about 50 people. It was almost full when I arrived near 1pm and I was unfortunate enough to be seated at a table right near the door, which I dislike. Luckily, the lunchtime rush had slowed a bit by the time I got to the place so I wasn’t bothered by too much traffic around my table. The service overall was adequate, if a bit rushed and perfunctory, but I noted that there were only two servers covering a pretty good size crowd so I suppose I can’t complain too much in that regard. The interior is a bit plain but not uncomfortable and it seemed to be reasonably clean. The menu is fairly extensive but doesn’t contain a lot that can’t easily be found in countless other Chinese restaurants. The sign out front states that Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine but, really, most of what on offer is more Cantonese in character with just a nod to Sichuan.

 (*Note: The menu link above is to the takeout menu only, the regular menu is better)

The Dishes

Kung Pao Chicken – (宮保雞丁)

This was a very poor effort for a restaurant claiming to offer Sichuan cuisine. The chicken was sliced instead of cut into cubes despite saying ‘雞丁’ on the menu.  There were no chili pieces at all and no proper ‘scorched chilli’ taste. Cashews were used instead of peanuts although I have to say that, though peanuts are more traditional, I frequently make this dish with cashews myself. There was very little chicken and lots of vegetables used for bulk as is not untypical in restaurants. The filler included diced carrot and bamboo shoot, peas, celery, baby corncob chunks and big pieces of green pepper and there was way too much. The only chili present consisted only of very fine flecks in a mediocre sauce which was really poor and would have been at home in a canned chop-suey. This dish rates only a 1 out of 5 on my Kung Pao scale.

Dried shrimp noodle roll (蝦米腸粉)

This was fairly tasty but not outstanding by any means. There were chunks of fresh shrimp inside the roll but I couldn’t detect any dried shrimp at all. The skin was a bit glutinous and sticky but not too bad overall. The rolls were served in a soy-based sauce that had a hint of 5 spice in it that I didn’t think worked well at all. I have had much better elsewhere.



The service was alright but the dishes I tried were mediocre at best. I don’t have much favourable to say about the place but I wasn’t so turned off that I won’t give it another chance someday.



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