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Review: Metropolitain Brasserie – Ottawa

700 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Ontario – (613) 562-1160 – Webpage

Date of Visit: August 16, 2011

Ambience and Service

I arrived in the early evening at around 6pm or so. It was a very warm evening and the outside patio was crowded whilst the inside was almost empty. I initially found a seat on the patio but there were skateboarders playing around on the concrete steps beside the patio and their noise became very annoying after a few minutes and I moved inside. I was given a seat that was right in the open doorways to the patio and thus I was able to enjoy the best of both worlds. The waiter who served me was friendly and garrulous and generally knowledgeable about the menu. The drinks came very quickly all evening but the food orders were quite slow to arrive.

The Dishes

Oysters – There were four varieties on offer that evening: Malpeque and Rocky Shore, both from PEI; Marina Gold from BC; and, La St Simon from New Brunswick. The Rocky Shore (which the restaurant misidentified as coming from NB rather than PEI), was the only variety I had never had before. I gave three stars to the first three and 5 to La St Simon. I always enjoy La St. Simon but the ones I had on this date were the best oysters I have ever tasted.

Fried Calmari with horseradish sauce – This was not at all impressive. The batter was too thick and soggy, while the squid was tasteless. Even the tentacles seemed to have no flavor at all. The only decent part of the dish was the horseradish sauce and, to be honest, I might have easily had the same enjoyment from the meal by dipping toast points instead of squid into the sauce. Very poor indeed. Rating: 1 out of 5.


The evening was quite pleasant on the whole. I tasted a very nice Pilsner from Toronto called ‘Steam Whistle’ and also tried a Mittnacht Klack 2008 and a Lailey 2009, which are both moderately decent Reislings. The Calmari dish I had was a big disappointment but I really came for oysters and was lucky enough to enjoy  the best  ones I have ever had. Rating: 3 out of 5.

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4 thoughts on “Review: Metropolitain Brasserie – Ottawa

  1. Ya, I find Métropolitan to be more about being seen than about good food (although their lemon tart is excellent). I also find it very expensive for what you get. I don’t mind paying a fair bit for a meal, but I like to feel like I’ve gotten good value, not that I’ve been ripped off ….

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