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Review: Yangtze Dining Lounge – Ottawa

700 Somerset st. West, Ottawa, Ontario – (613) 236-0555 – Webpage 

Date of Visit: February 4, 2011

Ambience and Service

The restaurant is quite large and spacious and is much more nicely appointed than dim sum palaces often are. It was very full when I arrived during the middle of the dinner hour and was quite noisy as a result. Actually, though, the bustle and hectic noise were not at all a distraction and rather added to the dim sum experience. I liked the atmosphere on the whole.

The service, despite the large crowd, was generally quick and attentive. The paths between tables are not efficiently designed for dim sum cart traffic but the staff managed quite well and I never lacked for anything. Those who served me were largely friendly and readily answered my questions about the menu. The place has a pretty good kitchen according to the menus I read on the restaurant web page, but a lot of the stuff that interested me was not included on the menu I was given at lunchtime, I’m sorry to say. A few more trips are in order, I think.

The only condiments provided on the table were a fairly generic Sriracha type sauce and an unidentified soy sauce. As it was, though, these were superfluous.

The Dishes

Steamed Squid – $3.95 for a small dish.  This consisted of large strips of squid steamed with scallion and ginger then served in the steaming liquid. It was a bit chewy but still fairly nice. Rating 3 out of 5

Steamed beef rib – $3.75 for 3 pieces. This dish was big surprise. The server initially just identified it as steamed rib and I assumed it was pork. When she told me it was beef I almost refused it because I am not a huge beef-rib fan and tend to dislike the taste of beef that has been steamed or boiled. Surprisingly though, this dish was really delicious. The beef was cut in a very thin Korean flanken-style strip and it was seasoned lightly but very nicely. The steaming process produced a nice clear gravy and the ultimate result was very subtle and pleasant. No additional condiment was necessary. Rating 4 out of 5.

Overall Review

I have read a few bad reviews of this place but I liked it on the whole. I had a fairly nice dining experience and a couple of pretty decent dishes. My only disappointment was that items I had wanted to try and had seen on their online menus were not available at lunchtime when I visited. I will definitely go back to sample some of their other offerings.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Yangtze Dining Lounge – Ottawa

  1. Since we have Hung Sum, I won’t bother going to Yangtze for dim-sum any more. Their dim-sum dishes are in fact quite disappointing.

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