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Follow-up: Hunan-style Smoked Ham Hock

This morning, while surfing, I came across a really nice blog entitled ‘mmm-Yoso‘ written by a fellow by the name of Kirk.K out of San Diego, a place nearly diagonally across the entire continent from me. Kirk is lucky enough to live in a place where he can easily lay his hands on actual smoked pork from Hunan, a product I am currently forced to substitute for, as in my Hunan-style Smoked Ham Hock experiment posted a few days ago.

This is the commercially packaged product Kirk used:

Reproduced with kind permission of Kirk. K

Anyway …. Kirk featured this product in a delicious looking recipe you can link to here:


I am going to be going to be travelling to our Nation’s capital in the next month or so and I will do my best to see if I can find this product or something similar. If I will, I will certainly try Kirk’s recipe and feature the results of my experiment here. Now I can only hope I can lay my hands on some Shishito peppers as well!


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