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Review: Fire Grill Restaurant – Montreal

 1490 Stanley, Montreal Q.C. – (514) 842-0020 – Website

Date of Visit: January 3, 2012


Ambience and Service

I came across this place while walking around downtown Montreal and I remembered seeing it on their website. I was in the mood for a steak and decided to give it a try. The restaurant is divided into two areas; A family side and a bar side that has high tables near the bar and then a separate area off to the side with dining tables and booths. There was also large screen TV near the bar that was on but, mercifully, not too loud. I arrived at about 8pm on a Tuesday night and there were quite a few people near the bar. They were a little noisy but the rest of the place was almost empty which, I find, is almost as bad as being over-crowded as far as atmosphere goes. The interior is done mostly in wood and leather and is softly lit. All in all it is quite nice and comfortable.  I was served throughout the evening by a young lady who was quite pleasant and generally efficient. My meal and drinks came quickly enough although I suspect that was mostly due to the emptiness of the food service section.


The Dishes

18 0z Rib steak – As always, I ordered this medium rare and charred. The cut I received was definitely not the best I have had… there were two fairly thick veins of fat through the meat… but it was cooked as well as I have had elsewhere, I would have to say. It was nicely red in the center and the charring was excellent… enough to enhance without overwhelming the flavor of the meat. It was not especially tender, as is generally the case with rib steak, but it was very succulent and the seasoning was just right. I would need to eat several steaks at this place to know if the result came about by skill as opposed to being just a happy accident, but I am happy to give it a rib-steak rating of  5 out of 5.

Beverages – I tried two wines with the meal: A 2009 Chianti Astorre and a 2010 Hawkes Bay Merlot. Neither impressed me overly and neither paired well with the steak. After the meal, I tried a Grappa, which I have not had before. It struck me as being somewhere in between a single malt Scotch and Bourbon. Indeed, this particular brand, whose name I forget, had some of the tarry qualities of an Island Scotch. In truth though, I didn’t actually like it that much but I suspect that there may be as much varieties to Grappa as to Scotches and I should like to sample a few more sometime.



Although I gave my steal a 5 out of 5, I did not feel that the entire experience was worth more than a three. The menu is not all that exciting – rather a lesser version of the ‘Keg’ menu – and the ambience of the place was not really to my taste. The website gives the impression that the place is a traditional steak-house but I found it to be more of a pub-cum-family restaurant. It was alright but nothing special.

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