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Review: La Medusa Restaurant – Montreal

1224 Drummond St Montreal – (514) 878-4499

 Date of visit: January 4, 2012


 Ambience and Service

This is a small restaurant. As you enter at street level, there is a small space with just four tables that isn’t all that inviting. But steps lead down to a lower level that is divided into two separate areas and is much cozier and nicely appointed. My dinner companion and I arrived at about 6:30 pm. It was a little crowded and noisy but a large party left just after we arrived and left the place a little quieter and less hectic. The service throughout the evening was very good and our main waiter was a friendly, garrulous type who made us feel welcome.


The Dishes


Free Appetizer

While we were ordering our drinks and perusing the menu, we were provided with a little platter of miniature pizza slices and brined black olives. The pizza slices were simple with just a nice spicy tomato sauce and a little bit of cheese. They were very nice. I am not a big olive fan but these were sweet and quite delicious. My companion detected a slight hint of anise but I did not get that myself.

First course – Escargot

This dish came with a choice of either marinara sauce or a white garlic wine sauce. I chose the latter and it came with some hard-crust rolls to mop up the sauce. I can’t say that this was an especially remarkable production but it was tasty and not bad overall.

Main course – Spaghetti Carbonara

This was, unfortunately, about the worst dish I have ever had in an Italian restaurant. I was presented with a stodgy tan glob with some brown bits scattered throughout and the visual appeal of the whole mess was not enhanced by being served in a deep soufflé-type dish. Over-done pasta is always unpleasant but the spaghetti in this case was undercooked which is even worse. I have made carbonara with both regular smoky bacon and also guanciale and, even on my worst day, I have never produced anything as awful of this. The menu claimed that it contained pancetta and I can only presume that this was what the brown bits were. There was a strong taste of mushroom that was out of place and there was nothing about this dish that could properly be called carbonara. Sadly, there was nothing about it that could be called good Italian cooking either.



The awfulness of the main course really should have resulted in a total score of only 1 star out of 5 but the excellence of the service should be rewarded. Notwithstanding that, I will not be going back.


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One thought on “Review: La Medusa Restaurant – Montreal

  1. i was at lamedusa last night let me tell u that, i was pretty impressed for an italian eatery that makes its own pasta pizza gelato pastries and so much more….so to all of those who have negative things to say…. learn what a real ristorante is adout….. by the way this year is 20 years that resto is around…have a good time when you go there… ciao

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