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Experiment: Green Peppers stir-fry Pork Belly

The above dish uses the pork belly that I pre-cooked for an illustration in a recent ‘Foodstuffs’ post, and which was featured as the complement to my Tomatoes stir-fry eggs experiment a few days ago. The inspiration of this dish is quite obviously Chinese but it is intended as a breakfast dish and thus is kept very simple:

The Ingredients

The ingredients could hardly be simpler… besides the pork belly, which is sliced into 1”x1” pieces, there is a whole green pepper and a half a small onion, both cut into chunks, plus a tablespoon each of sugar and soy sauce. The only significant pre-preparation I did in this case was to briefly blanch the green pepper so as to preserve the pretty color and fresh taste. This, however, is a step you can omit if you wish.

The Method

First heat your wok to medium to high. Since you are using a meat that is fairly fatty already, you will only need to add a bare teaspoon of oil to the pan. Let the oil come to the smoking point and then throw in the pork.

Allow the meat to sizzle in the pan and then keep stirring, turning the pieces over and letting them get crispy and browned. The slices will throw of quite a bit of fat as they cook and this will help with the browning.

When the pork is done to your liking, drain off enough fat to leave no more than a tablespoon in the pan and add the onion and the peppers. Keep stir-frying until the onion just starts to become translucent and then add the soy sauce. Toss a few times and then plate.

That is it …

The Verdict

The result (shown above with Tomatoes stir-fry eggs) was very good but my wife complained that there was too much green pepper. To be fair, however, she is not a big fan of this particular vegetable and I thought that the balance of meat to peppers was just right. For a lunch dish I would likely spice the whole thing up with garlic or ginger, and maybe salted black beans, but for a breakfast dish, the simplicity of the seasoning was just right, to my mind….

Any opinions or suggestions?

3 thoughts on “Experiment: Green Peppers stir-fry Pork Belly

  1. This is from “the wife”: These two dishes paired together for breakfast were totally awesome. Its true that I am not a really big fan of green peppers. Personally, I would have used one half of a green pepper and more onion – but that is just a matter of taste. The fresh, crispy green pepper was lovely.

  2. Hi John, discovered your site a few days ago and can’t believe what you are cooking up North of 60–getting the supplies must be difficult and expensive, but your recipes and experiments are top notch. I’m in the process of trying a number of them, including this one–tried it with your suggestions of garlic and ginger and also added a teaspoon of shaoxing and a teaspoon of black vinegar–terrific. Good luck with your move–you are going to another patch of heaven on earth! I’m jealous 🙂

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