Introducing …

I only occasionally follow the blog-roll links on other people’s blogs; indeed, except for sites I visit regularly, I don’t often pay much attention to them at all. Chowtimes is a food blog out of Vancouver, B.C. that I have been reading for longer than any other. I have a link to it in my blog-roll but, for those of you who haven’t seen that, I thought I might introduce you to this terrific resource…

Chowtimes is authored by a young couple from Vancouver named Ben and Suanne. It has been going since sometime in 2006 and is the first food blog that I ever started to follow. As the banner logo indicates, it is a documentation of their various food adventures; both in their own kitchen and also in restaurants around Vancouver and the various places they visit on their travels.

Both Ben and Suanne contribute posts on various food-related topics. In the earlier days, it seemed that the blog was Ben’s special project but Suanne has contributed with increasing frequency as it developed. I first became interested reading the reviews of various restaurants in and around Vancouver (the Asian ones in particular), but I also enjoy the recipe experiments they try either at home or with friends. There have also been quite a few ‘travelogue’ type articles featuring trips to Beijing and elsewhere and these too have been very interesting.

My only real quibble with this blog is that it sometimes leaves you wanting more. Ben, in particular, will show you some food or other and say something like ‘I don’t know exactly what this is… but I like it’, or he will discuss the name of some Asian delicacy and confess he does not know how the name translates. I always find myself wishing, at these times, that he might consult with one of his knowledgeable friends before posting and then share the answer with his readers. Still, to be perfectly fair, the blog is only meant to be a documentation of this couple’s adventures and I am grateful for the glimpses they provide into the wider world of food.

What I really enjoy about Ben and Suanne’s efforts is the lovely photography. Every post includes lots of illustrations and they are always nicely composed and visually appealing. I love perusing posts just looking at the food, and I am often able to find inspiration for things to try even when a post simply shows a dish without saying much more about it other than that it was good. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons I am posting this introduction now is that there are a couple of dishes featured on separate Chowtimes postings that gave me an idea for something I will be trying and featuring in an upcoming ‘Experiments’ .

Please check out this fine blog…

2 thoughts on “Introducing …”

  1. Hehehe … that was a very interesting write up. 🙂 Glad to know you follow the blog. Will try my best to do a bit more research before posting. Thanks a lot for the support.

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