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Foodstuff: Patak’s Hot Mango Pickle

This is one of the products I mentioned buying in my Patak’s Invasion post a few weeks ago. The Chilli Pickle this company produces is one of my wife’s favorites and I thought that this Mango variety might be worth a try as well … 

The pickle has a lovely, rich reddish-orange color and is quite thick with some fairly large chunks of mango. The ingredients only identify mustard as being amongst the ‘spices’ and some grains can be seen in the mix. The aroma on opening the jar is very tangy, presumably from the included vinegar, but you can detect the sweetness of the mango along with the spiciness.

The Taste …

The heat level of this pickle is considerably less than the Chili variety but it still will provide a spicy fillip as a side to rice or chapatis. The tang of the vinegar is much more muted on the tongue than it is in the aroma but the mango also adds a slightly sour quality along with the sweet. The spices blend used is too complex to be able to identify any of the components individually but they are quite nicely balanced and somewhat like a mild, sweetish curry paste. There is, however, just a little harshness in the aftertaste and this may be a function of the mustard.

The Verdict …

I quite like this product but there really needs to be a bit more mango included. The amount used is far too small and the product comes off more as a Masala Paste rather than a condiment. Indeed, while I don’t really see using this as a pickle accompaniment to other dishes very often, I do think it can be adapted as a flavor base for various preparations. I already have a particular idea along these lines in mind and will share the results of my experimentation in a future post.



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