A Happy Announcement…

Two days ago, I received an e-mail from Mardi Michels at Food Bloggers of Canada telling me that she wished to make my blog the focus of a ‘Featured Members’ posting at their site. I have been a member there for several months now and, as you can imagine, the news pleased me very much.

The Food Bloggers of Canada site is essentially where Canadian Food Bloggers can list their blogs (free of charge) and, each week, the team there runs a feature reviewing one of the member’s blogs (such as the humble offering by yours truly). The site also provides quite a lot of useful resources for bloggers and they offer a forum for members to interact. Naturally, the primary focus is on Canadian ‘bloggery’ but food is, of course, universal so people from other countries will surely find something to interest them at many of the blogs in the directory. I definitely recommend to all my readers that they head over and have a look…

Anyway, the feature is now posted and the article, written by Ms. Michels, is very well put together and, I, blush with pleasure to say, quite complimentary. If you would like to have a peek you can do so here:

My ‘Featured Members’ Blog Review

By the way, Ms. Michels also writes a very decent food and travel blog called Eat.Live.Travel.Write that is well worth visiting…

Well, that is my post for today… Tomorrow I will be flying up to the beautiful community of Pangnirtung for the quarterly Court circuit and I will be away all next week. I have posts ready to go though and I will upload them with delayed publication dates later today just in case the Internet connection is shaky up there.

On a final note, a few people have suggested I do some posts about life in the North. I don’t want to get too far away from culinary topics but I was thinking a couple of posts a month might be okay. Keep your eyes out for the first in the next few weeks…


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