Notice: Incommunicado in Igloolik

I am doing this supplementary post this morning to let my regular readers know that in about 6 hours or so I will be flying off to the tiny island of Igloolik  and spending a week in the community of the same name you see pictured above. Indeed, you would be almost able to see the building I will be staying in except that it is obscured by the large stone Inuksuk in the foreground…

The Nunavut Court of Justice will be sitting in the community for the regular quarterly circuit and we will spend several days in Igloolik before flying off to the even smaller community of Hall Beach on the mainland. During the week I will be gone, my accessibility will be very limited as the Internet connections in both places is very slow and not all that reliable. My posts will continue, however, as I have pre-posted articles for each day I will be gone and they will be automatically published at 4am each morning. Unfortunately, since my connection will be so slow, responding to comments etc. will be quite difficult. If you don’t get timely replies from me to comments or e-mails, please be assured that I am not ignoring you and will do my best to catch up when I return.

Finally, quite a few readers have expressed an interest in seeing a little more of Nunavut and life on the Arctic Court circuits. The picture above isn’t wildly picturesque or dramatic, I’m afraid, but I will be going through my photo collection over the next few weeks after I return and will do my best to put together a few posts that can properly introduce you to the world ‘up here’.

Until then …



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