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A Nomination: The Beautiful Blog Award!

When I surf the Internet, it can involve very focused searches for specific information, general browsing of broad topics, or sometimes (often when I can’t sleep, or have nothing better to do), just skipping from link to link, not looking for anything in particular. Sometimes, as it happens, it is this casual, idle wandering that results in the most interesting finds of all…

Just a few days ago, whilst sipping a very early coffee, I happened upon a blog written by a woman named Tara Woodruff entitled My Journey in the Challenge. I couldn’t resist leaving a comment to one of her posts detailing an unfortunate experience with Chinese food and, not only did Tara reply to my comment, she visited my blog in return. Moreover, to my very great pleasure and surprise, she nominated it for a ‘Beautiful Blog Award’. Accordingly, a great big ‘Thank You’ goes out to Tara, not just for the nomination, but for the kind words and encouraging comments she made on a number of my posts as well.

Anyway, the rules for accepting the nomination require that I thank the nominator and link back to their blog (mission accomplished) and also nominate 7 other bloggers whose work I think merits the award as well. Having gone through my bookmarks, I am happy to nominate the following:

  1. The Complete Cook Book – A very useful blog with lots of recipes and informative tips for the home cook;
  2. Bam’s Kitchen – Great recipes in all sorts of categories;
  3. Fear No Weebles – The humorous musings of a self-described ‘cranky old lady of 44’;
  4. Tea Guide: Reviews and Ramblings – This lady knows her tea! ;
  5. Appetite for China – Recipes, travel and culinary history;
  6. Putney Farm – Food, drink, gardening and beautiful photography; and,
  7. Marinating Online – Chef Connie Creates.

Please take a look at the blogs in my list and enjoy. And, Thank you again, Tara!




I am a lawyer by profession and my practice is Criminal... I mean, I specialize in Criminal law. My work involves travelling on Court circuits to remote Arctic communities. In between my travels I write a Food blog at

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