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Experiment: Marinated Clams

I came across an interesting recipe for marinated clams in one of my Chinese cookery books recently (this one translated into both English and Spanish, as it happens). The recipe called for raw clams and used a marinade employing red chili and a fair amount of soy sauce and vinegar. I still had a package of the Mirabel Brand Pre-Cooked Frozen Clams that I used in my Clams with White Wine and Basil experiment not long ago and I thought that they might do nicely in a similar preparation as long as the marinade was a little lighter… Continue reading “Experiment: Marinated Clams”

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Experiment: Steak with Lemon-Cumin Pesto

One morning, I returned home from shopping with a couple of nice, small steaks for supper. I didn’t have any particular plan in mind for cooking them but, as I was surfing some food blogs later that afternoon, I came across a lovely recipe by Jen over at The Scrumptious Pumpkin that she called ‘Grilled Sirloin with Lemon-Chive Pesto’. Now, Jen’s recipe is a lovely one, and I urge you to take a look, but I had no chives, nor pine nuts, to work with, as she did, and so I decided to substitute the chives with scallion greens and tweak the flavor a little with a little cumin… Continue reading “Experiment: Steak with Lemon-Cumin Pesto”

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Foodstuff: Salted Jellyfish Shreds

Jellyfish is not something that most Canadians of non-Asian descent will have ever tried. Like a number of delicacies in Chinese cuisine, it is enjoyed not for the taste (indeed it has very little flavor) but rather for the unique consistency it possesses. To the uninitiated, the very notion of eating jellyfish is a little scary given the alien appearance of the creatures but, in fact, once you get past the initial cultural resistance to the whole idea, they are actually an interesting culinary experience and well worth the try … Continue reading “Foodstuff: Salted Jellyfish Shreds”

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Experiment: Chicken Haldi

This experiment arose out of not much more than a desire to have chicken for supper one evening and no clear idea as to how to prepare it other than to do something vaguely Indian.  I wasn’t especially looking for anything too spicy or complex and I decided to play around with the warmly sweet qualities of both Turmeric and Fenugreek leaf. After settling on the spice blend I will share with you below, I had a hard time thinking of a name for the dish and I finally hit upon Chicken Haldi, as ‘Haldi’ is the Hindi word for Turmeric and the exotic sound of the name just somehow appealed to me… Continue reading “Experiment: Chicken Haldi”

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Experiment: Pasta all’ Amatriciana

Years ago, while I was an impoverished law student, I was often forced to improvise meals with just a few ingredients. One evening, having just some bacon, tomatoes and spaghetti, I threw together a simple dish that was so good I have continued to make it to this day. I often add to the bare-bones recipe these days, but the simple preparation of bacon and tomatoes fried together and then tossed with pasta is still a favorite. For the longest time, I thought that I had invented something truly unique and it wasn’t until quite a few years later that I discovered that the Italians had long ago beaten me to the punch. My ‘invention’ is actually over a century old and is known in Italy, and now Italian restaurants everywhere, as pasta all’ Amatriciana…  Continue reading “Experiment: Pasta all’ Amatriciana”

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Experiment: Grilled Beef and Jicama Salad

Not long ago, I posted a ‘Foodstuffs’ article featuring Jicama and I included links to a couple of recipes for this interesting vegetable I came across at a blog called ‘Sally’s Place’.  One was just a very simple method for ‘Grilled Jicama’, while the other was a delicious sounding salad incorporating beef and snow peas. I wanted to try making a salad with the Jicama I purchased when I first wrote my introductory post but I also wanted to try cooking it (having sampled it raw already), and I thought that a fusion of the two recipes might prove interesting… Continue reading “Experiment: Grilled Beef and Jicama Salad”

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Foodstuff: Pearl River Bridge Brand Light Soy Sauce

You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who is not familiar with soy sauce but few people actually appreciate the considerable diversity of this interesting condiment. Most people tend to regard one soy sauce as being pretty much like another but, in truth, there are many varieties, each with their own character and uses. The variety you see pictured above, manufactured by the Pearl River Bridge Company in southern China, has been available in Canada for at least a couple of decades now and is one of the best I have ever come across… Continue reading “Foodstuff: Pearl River Bridge Brand Light Soy Sauce”

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Experiment: Clams with White Wine and Basil

I have three bags of the Mirabel Brand Frozen Clams I featured in a recent ‘Foodstuffs’ post and I thought I would use a couple to make a nice light meal for me and the wife. The first time I used this product, which was only a few weeks before I started writing this blog, I steamed a bag of the clams in a rich liquor made up of soy, ginger, garlic, sugar and rice wine, along with a small bunch of fresh basil. For this experiment, I wanted to use Basil again (as I still have some which needs to be used up) and I thought I might try something a little more delicate using white wine…  Continue reading “Experiment: Clams with White Wine and Basil”