Travel: Grounded in Pond Inlet

Greetings everyone…. My readers will recall that last week I mentioned I would be travelling to Pond Inlet for another court circuit. Well, we made it (a day late) and are now stuck here due to the heavy fog that has been hanging around, off and on, most of the week. Our plane managed to get in last night but, as you can see, it is now firmly grounded for the time being.

My regular posts continued whilst I have been away as I pre-published enough articles to cover my absence but I have been more or less off-line the entire trip as the internet connection here is awful. My first order of business, therefore, is to extend my apologies to all those people who have left comments or written to me… I am not ignoring you of course, but even answering work e-mails has been all but impossible. The wi-fi here at the hotel is so slow as to be unusable and I have temporarily borrowed a modem to allow me to make this quick post and take care of some other pressing business.

As I promised in my post announcing this trip, I have managed to take some summertime pictures of the town and country up here but I will have to wait to post them once I return. My stay at home will be very brief as I am scheduled to fly out to Ottawa on Monday for a week of restaurant dining and food-shopping (YAY!). Assuming the fog doesn’t keep me stranded here for several more days, I will have lots of restaurant reviews and some interesting new foodstuffs to experiment with on the near future…. Anyway, please excuse the less than scintillating post today and say a prayer to your deity or deities that I get out of here in good time to make my connection to Ottawa. I’ve been trying my best to sacrifice a virgin or two, but no luck yet …


8 thoughts on “Travel: Grounded in Pond Inlet”

  1. Remember when our lives didn’t require the Internet? I feel your frustration! We leave tomorrow morning for a week’s vacation and the one question yet to be answered is whether or not we’ll have the Net! There’s always catch-up! Be safe! Debra

  2. I see no virgins in the photo, and am guessing that they are equally as scarce outside of the frame 😉

    Barring sacrifice, I wish you very safe travels and look forward to your blogging return!

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