Travel: Home from Pond Inlet

Home safe and sound!

Compare the picture above to my post from yesterday and you can see that we finally had a lovely day for flying home. I tried very hard to get a nice shot of the town of Pond Inlet after take off but, alas, I was seated on the wrong side of the aircraft. I did, however, manage to get a nice aerial picture of the iceberg you can see in the distance beneath the left wing of the plane, as well as a lot of other photographs detailing this past week’s visit…

After an abortive attempt last Saturday, the whole Court party arrived in Pond Inlet on the Sunday evening. The fog lifted just long enough for us to land and lingered for several days. The airport is normally visible from the hotel, but for a good bit of the time, this was all we could see of it.

On arrival we were met with the above sign on the hotel door. It looked distinctly unwelcoming at first glance but then it was obvious that the manager was just helpfully informing our clients that we were delayed.

Eventually the fog lifted and we had two full days of nice weather.  Beyond the icebergs, you can just make out some pack ice in the distance. It is all broken up now and will be carried away with the wind and tide very quickly, but the locals maintain that it is the presence of the ice that is responsible for the fog.

This shot is taken from just behind the hotel looking across Eclipse Sound to Bylot Island. It only looks as though it is a few miles across the sound but, in fact, the distance from the town to the larger of the two glaciers you can see is 16 miles.

I was surprised that this shot of the large glacier turned out as well as it did. My camera is not an expensive one but the zoom seems to function quite nicely. As you can see, the edge of the glacier has retreated quite a bit from the water’s edge. Again, the distance is deceptive, but my wife visited the glacier when we still lived in Pond and it is a good hike of a mile or so from the shore. On this last trip, I took some very nice pictures of the permanent icecap and glaciers to the south of the town, but I will save those for a future post.

This gives you a rough idea of part of the town. The large building in the foreground behind the brown house is the new hotel. The town is roughly divided into three sections… the newer, upper portion, the center part (visible above), and the lower town down on the shore, where I used to live.

This is the upper town, a lot of which didn’t exist when I lived in Pond Inlet. The large blue building to the left is the school (there is also a junior school elsewhere) and the very large building with the red roof in the foreground is the new community hall, where the Court now sits for the quarterly sessions.

Court is in session in this picture and now you can get to see yours truly ‘in action’. I know it looks a little like I nodded off while addressing the Judge but, in fact, I forgot my reading glasses that afternoon and I was struggling to compare my client’s criminal record with the copy being tendered by the Prosecution. Actually, I should state for the record here that I almost never fall asleep in Court while I am still standing up…

We had a bit of excitement during our stay occasioned by a minor electrical fire at the hotel annex (actually the old-hotel)… Here you can see the fire-truck being followed by one of the intrepid volunteers and it is a great pity that I only got to take the picture after the event as the initial rush to the fire was hilarious and would have made a great you-tube video…

I should point out here that the fire hall is right beside the hotel so a hose could probably have been run to the source of the emergency with very little difficulty but we were treated to the full drama of the truck screaming to the scene followed, a full minute thereafter, by our trusty (but tardy) volunteer pedaling furiously on his bike to catch up. The hotel guests and the locals lining the street were doubled up with laughter and I daresay it will be a while before the hapless young lad will be allowed to live this one down!

Naturally, as I we were ready to leave the town became fog-bound again and we ended up spending nearly 7 hours hanging around the airport on our final day, only to have the flight cancelled.

This morning, however, the skies were almost clear, except over the sea. Here, you can see one of the Prosecutors taking a last photograph.

As I mentioned, I managed to get a nice aerial photograph of one of the icebergs just off shore. You can see the broken pack ice that is responsible for the fog (or so I am told) and you can also see some of the underwater portion of the berg. Somewhere, I have a lot of video footage of icebergs taken from very close by and when manage to extract some decent stills from the film I will post them here.

Anyway… my stay at home will be very brief. The day after tomorrow will see me in Ottawa and I have lots of restaurants to visit. I know that the restaurant reviews I post will mostly only appeal to those who live in Ottawa or visit regularly, but I like reading pictorial reviews of restaurants I am not likely to visit so I hope some of my other readers will enjoy my postings as well. Either way, I also will be bringing back some foodstuffs to experiment with…


16 thoughts on “Travel: Home from Pond Inlet”

  1. Extremely interesting photographs. I particularly like the shot of you in court. I guess that’s why everyone of us who has reading glasses has a half dozen or so. Have a great time in Ottawa. Virginia

  2. I’m glad you made it home safely and now are preparing what sounds like a wonderful time in Ottawa! I can’t wait to hear all about it.

    BTW, I love these little snippets of life up north. The firefighter on a bike? Awesome!

  3. Hi John,

    I was laughing out loud at your post-great stuff from the sign on the hotel door, your little quip about hardly ever falling asleep standing up and the ‘photographic evidence’ and finally the tale about the fire drama and the tardy volunteer-great stuff-and the photos of the glaciers are so beautiful and interesting-more please!!

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