Travel: Ottawa Bound!

Well, folks… by the time you read, this I *should * be in Ottawa. As I write this, it is currently 11am here in Iqaluit and my flight leaves at 1:45pm. This post will be automatically published at two minutes after midnight, at which time I will be either burping contentedly on my hotel balcony after my first food adventure, or (more likely) already asleep. The building you see in the middle of the picture is ‘Les Suites’ hotel in downtown Ottawa where I have stayed on my last 6 or 7 visits. I always ask for a room on the upper floors overlooking Dalhousie street (the street whence this photo was taken) and, all being well, that I where I will be when this post hits the blogosphere…

The weather here in Iqaluit is 9 degrees but the sky is clear and flying should be no problem at this end. The only possible fly in the ointment is a sever thunderstorm warning for Ottawa this afternoon so I have my fingers crossed… I also see that the temperature there is a humid 27 degrees so the change will be a bit of a shock to the system and I predict that lots of cooling liquids will be in order.

The plan for this evening (should the weather gods smile upon me) is for dinner at Kinki’s, a self-style ‘Asian-fusion’ restaurant in Byward Market, just a short walk from my hotel. As I will be busy shopping and feasting, my next post will be a pre-written article featuring a nifty little cooking gadget I recently tested and the following one will quite probably also be one I have written already. My review of Kinki’s will be along very shortly thereafter, though…


9 thoughts on “Travel: Ottawa Bound!”

  1. Love it! I hope that you read this comment while burping contentedly! As you know, it’s perfectly acceptable in Chinese culture to belch after a good meal. It means you enjoyed the food.

    Many times I have brought an overly polite friend to the family dinner table. And if they leave without burping, my mom will call and say, “Did they not like the good?!?!”

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