Travel: Ottawa Trip Update

Well, I finally made it to Ottawa and I am now on day three of my visit. The anticipated thunderstorms over the city that I thought would delay me turned out to be not so serious (although they provided some spectacular cloud formations, as you can see above), but I still ended up arriving late due to a mechanical problem with the aircraft that kept me cooling my heels in Iqaluit airport for nearly five hours…

I have to confess that, despite flying constantly for work, I am not the world’s happiest traveller and being delayed and then delayed and then delayed further does nothing to improve this. Under similar circumstances, a lot of people can simply retire to a chair in the airport lounge and read while they wait but I tend to pace impatiently and, as on this occasion, end up exhausting myself. It was unfortunate, but the wait for a replacement aircraft meant that I didn’t get to my hotel until after 10pm and was far too tired to make my anticipated trip to Kinki’s Asian Fusion restaurant.

Anyway, all’s well that ends well, as they say and, although my restaurant itinerary was thrown a bit off kilter, I made it to town and even got to Kinki the following evening. You will be able to read about that in due course but, I am sad to say, the review will not be a very glowing one at all.

One place I have visited so far is The Highlander Pub (reviewed last March), which had the following amusing sign posted:

I didn’t eat here on this visit, but I always like to stop by and sample a couple of the single male Scotches from their huge selection. Unfortunately, being stag, and having no wife to deposit me there, I was left to pay for my own drink.

Beyond that, I have so far reviewed two breakfast places, as well a Chinese and Indian restaurant, both of which were excellent.  I will be posting all the reviews of course, but that will have to wait until I return home and edit them properly. For the next few days, while I continue my culinary adventures, my posts will be ones that I have written over the past few weeks. Tonight, (which will actually be *last* night by the time you read this) I am having dinner with a colleague who was with on the Court circuit to Pond Inlet last week). In fact, as soon as I finish writing this post, I will be consulting my list of restaurants to decide where we should go…



18 thoughts on “Travel: Ottawa Trip Update”

  1. Great shot of the sky! Kudos to the pub for their very inventive and funny marketing idea. Hope the rest of your time in Ottawa goes well and that your return flight has no delays. Almost five hours wait time in an airport!!! I for one, would certainly be able to get caught up on all my blog reading during that time 😉

  2. I’ve never made it as far as Ottawa, but Toronto is one of my favorite places to visit. Montreal is also high on my list of places to go.

    I’m sure your travel experiences are frustrating, but your destinations are always amazing. Here in the US, this blog would read, “Landed a few hours late in Baltimore and missed the last call at the Olive Garden. Had to settle for the TGIF’s at the mall before returning to the Holiday Inn Express.”

    1. From “the wife”: I’m not too sure how many wives would leave their husbands in that places clutches – you should SEE the skimpy skirts on the cute, young waitresses… And my husband SAYS he goes there for the scotch. Harumph! LOL

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