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Review: 3 Brothers Restaurant

321 Dalhousie Street, Ottawa – (613) 241-6665 – Website 

Date of Visit: July 25, 2012

The 3 Brothers restaurant in Byward Market might seem like an odd choice of place to go for breakfast but, as you can see on their sign, they do in fact offer breakfast service. I was rather curious to see what a breakfast might be like in a place that specializes in Shawarma, but it turned out to be pretty much the standard bacon-and-egg fare. I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t a little more exotic but, actually, it was pretty good…

Ambience and Service

Breakfast service at this place starts at 7am and I arrived at just before 8. It is quite spacious inside, seating 70 or so, but there were only a couple of other patrons there at that time of the morning.

I was greeted with coffee almost immediately upon sitting down and the single waitress on duty, though a little shy, was friendly and efficient. She waited while I relaxed with my coffee and didn’t try to rush me at all.

The Food

The breakfast menu is quite brief, as you can see, and the prices are very reasonable.

I settled on two eggs scrambled with ham and home fries. The Potatoes could have been a little crispier, but they were tasty and well seasoned. The eggs were more like a chopped up omelet rather than true scrambled eggs but I cook then like this all the time at home so I didn’t mind at all. The ham was the basic processed stuff you can buy at the supermarket and it was fairly good but could have been cut a little thicker.


There was nothing about this place that makes me want to extol its virtues loudly from the rooftops, exactly, but it does offer a decent, filling breakfast at a cheap price.  I don’t suggest that you go out of your way to visit, but if you eat in Downtown Ottawa fairly frequently, you might want to vary your usual routine sometime and give this place a try…

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8 thoughts on “Review: 3 Brothers Restaurant

    1. I just wish I could get there more often 🙂 Actually, I have a review upcoming that is definitely not about one of the ‘best’ places. Most of my reviews are generally pretty favourable but I had one really bad experience on this past excursion 😦

  1. Your breakfast sounded more reasonably priced than the one you reviewed recently. Now I know that breakfast isn’t so expensive in Canada after all.

    1. It was a pretty good deal… funny though, I almost never eat that kind of breakfast unless travelling. At home I am just as likely to have Tomato and eggs with salted shrimp in them along with a bit of hot sauce 🙂

  2. A scrambled egg and bacon shawarma with a spiced tomato chutney would be good.
    I always wonder why businesses offer average versions of their competition’s products when they have the capacity to do great versions of their own?

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