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Goodbye Kitchen!

Regular readers of my blog will likely recognize the counter top, cutting board, and spice ‘rack’ as regular parts of the ‘background’ to almost all my food pictures. In less than a week, however, this kitchen will be just a memory and, I have to say, I will miss it just a little…

For those who have enjoyed my posts about Arctic life, you needn’t be alarmed that they have come to en end. Our move is a short one… just a couple of kilometers at most, and we are very much looking forward to being away from the very middle of town and in a *much* quieter area.

Although I have featured quite a few smaller northern communities in past posts, I haven’t shared very many pictures of Iqaluit. Here, though, you can see our (soon to be) old house viewed from the hill behind us (ours is the one with the red roof). Other than a couple of buildings built directly on bedrock, every structure in the North is built on pilings due to the permafrost, which would cause buildings to sink otherwise. Ours, as you can see is quite high off the ground. Our new house is also built quite far above the surface, but, there, the underneath part is all boarded around and the previous owners built a nice little workshop underneath. It will be a bit cold for actual use for much of the year, but we have also gained about double the storage space we now have, which is a plus.

I would love to be able to express to you how much I hate moving… Aside from the fact that we will now be released from having been paying two mortgages (and attendant house expenses) for almost eight months, I am not looking forward to the general stress over the next week. Half our stuff is packed and kitchen work is reduced to simple dishes mainly. Accordingly, my last ‘Experiment’ post from this kitchen has been written already and, for the next couple of weeks, all upcoming food posts will be those pre-written some time ago…

Still, despite the fact I will miss the old place, my new kitchen is pretty nice and I am really looking forward to having a new ‘backdrop’ for my food photography. Any requests or suggestions for a first meal to post about in the new surroundings?


I am a lawyer by profession and my practice is Criminal... I mean, I specialize in Criminal law. My work involves travelling on Court circuits to remote Arctic communities. In between my travels I write a Food blog at

31 thoughts on “Goodbye Kitchen!

  1. I hear ya on the moving… We sincerely hope we are never moving again… I was counted. I moved 18 times before the age of 30. On a positive, I’m a really good packer cuz I put pieces together in boxes like puzzles. Good luck, keep breathing. :>

    1. Apparently, I can’t type tonight; this is my second comment with a wrong word.

      That’s “I once counted” not “I was counted”… and “On a positive NOTE…”

      Good grief. :}

    2. HA …. I too am a ‘puzzle’ packer. Not so much neccessary this time. Our last moves invloved airfreight and distances over 1000km … this time it is just a hop and a skip. Sadly though… it won’t be our last 😦

  2. Best of luck with the move – looking forward to seeing your new home and kitchen. It it wasn’t so cold, I would offer to come and help you.
    You always have such exciting experiments that anything you make in your new kitchen will be a welcome surprise.
    🙂 Mandy

    1. I proably ought to point out that the picture of our house with the snow is not a current one… no snow right now, so you can still come and help if you want 😦

  3. Whoa. That’s a serious spice rack there. But I’m glad you both are moving to a place where you’ll have more storage and other advantages.

    And the first post from the new kitchen? What about a typical Nunavut dish?

  4. My sympathies on moving. however, it’s always a good time to get rid of stuff as well as packing stuff. When we moved out of our last apartment into what I hope will be our retirement home, I was able to weed out and get rid of 300 cookbooks, amongst other various and sundry stuff. I’m doing a downsize now in the effort of getting rid of 11 years of more accumulated stuff. Do you by any chance need a hundred or strings of colored Christmas lights? Be more than happy to ship them north!!!

  5. My love of Tetris will never make me enjoy packing things… One of the main reasons I really don’t want to move is that my partner runs a national charity out of our tiny one bedroom apartment. We move, I gotta pack all that up!

    I do love the spice rack! That thing is awesome!

    1. Some just get added to tea blends rather than in food preparations… some I confess to only using a few times and never since. I may ‘pare down’ the collection a little after the move 🙂

  6. Maybe for the space underneath your upcoming house, would be great as a food larder. 🙂 You could store beets and squash for a few months there. Just reminding you of the food possibilities…..

    Hope the home move goes well.

  7. You have my sympathies, I hate packing/moving/unpacking. I hope this will be your last one for a while.

    For your inaugural meal at the new place, you should cook whatever the heck you want!

    And I can’t resist, looking at that photo: Nice rack!

  8. Hi there – thanks for your recent comment about my cooking I have just come over here for a quick peek on your blog from your link and it seems I am just in time to see you’re moving- hope all goes smoothly and you love your new kitchen – awesome spice rack you have there in your old kitchen – puts my few basics to shame!

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