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Travel: Home from Kimmirut

Well, today’s post will largely be about nothing in particular…

For those who follow my little blog, you will recall that I just had a less than enjoyable experience on court circuit to Kimmirut this past week and was more than happy to get home when I did. What I neglected to mention in my Thumb-twiddling in Kimmirut post, was that, as a further impetus to come home (in addition to being three days in the same clothes) was the fact that my wife’s birthday fell on the Thursday and I almost missed it. Naturally, I had to commemorate the date with something special and the lobster tail with shrimp and pasta that you see pictured  above was what I came up with…

I wanted to use my barbecue but the weather was too crappy and I ended up pan-frying the lobster tails and shrimp after stuffing a herbed garlic butter inside the shells. In the above picture you can see my plate after I removed the meat and mixed it into my pasta. The pasta was basically fettuccine tossed with sautéed morels and a little truffle oil.

 I shared quite a few pictures of Kimmirut in my previous post but, after finally getting away, I managed to snap a few photographs from the air. In this picture you can see the ‘heel’ shaped rock sitting in the harbor that I photographed from ground level a few days before.

And… here you can see pretty much the whole town. Iqaluit lies about 100km or so in the direction shown in this view.

In keeping with the premise of this being a post about nothing in particular, I am sharing this picture of a rabbit I stuffed for no other reason than I was inordinately proud of my sewing job.

This is what the rabbit looked like when it was done. It was, I have to say, a lovely meal. I have been keeping my eye out for rabbit to appear in our stores again as I really want to cook up a paella with rabbit and snails for you… no luck lately, though.

As I have mentioned, I have been really looking forward to using the new barbecue my wife bought for me but it has been windy for days. A little weather doesn’t put of a true barbecue aficionado, as you can see in the above picture (taken at our old house a few years ago) but right now it would be impossible to keep a flame going. I really hope we get a bit of a break soon because I am very conscious that we are fast running out of summer.

Well, I am going to close out this rather aimless post with this picture, which was taken as a follow up to the previous one. As you can see, there are always food critics around when you don’t need them… Little White Kitty (LWK), wasn’t around to help with the cooking but she is always seems to be around when it comes time for eating.

Anyway … that’s it for the pointlessness. I’ll be back tomorrow with one of my usual posts…


I am a lawyer by profession and my practice is Criminal... I mean, I specialize in Criminal law. My work involves travelling on Court circuits to remote Arctic communities. In between my travels I write a Food blog at

17 thoughts on “Travel: Home from Kimmirut

  1. You are quite the seamstress and that rabbit looks quite yummy. I have never had rabbit before or that I know of but anything is possible as I do live here in Asia and lots of things get lost in translation. Have a super weekend. BAM

  2. It’s gusting wind here as well.. I often think I’d make a fortune if I could only fashion some sort of barbecue shield to solve that problem! What a birthday dish.. will you be writing it out in “recipe” format for those of us who’ve never made something like that before.. and who are dying to try:D

    1. Actually … it was one of those dishes I just did impromptu and cobbled together as I went. It is nice to be able to cook that way occasionally instead of carefully assembling all the ingredients and phtographing everything as you go… I’ll have to try and reproducee it sometime when I see thoe lobster tais again. There may be some left at the store still 🙂

  3. I like a good post about a little of nothing every once in a while! Especially with photos! I’m so sorry about the weather, but you appear to have made a great dish for your wife’s birthday. I think where you live you must frequently need to employ a “Plan B.” 🙂 Debra

  4. This looks delicious. A perfect dish for your wife’s birthday with fettuccine. She must have loved it! The rabbit looked good too! I have been thinking about preparing lobster for awhile. Most definitely on my list now.


  5. That *is* a very impressive sewing job! And I love how cats are just allowed to beg because what are you going to do? My dog has to patiently wait while we eat, but the cat will just come straight up and try to paw food off your fork.

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