Igloolik … Home of the Jetsons

I know this interesting structure looks a little like the futuristic homes in the old ‘Jetsons’ cartoon, but it is actually a research station up in Igloolik. Readers will recall that I introduced this little community back in a post entitled ‘Midnight in Igloolik ‘ some months ago. Normally, I just travel up there for the regular quarterly court circuits but, tomorrow, I will be travelling up for a two day Preliminary hearing. As the regular circuit is the following week, I will be staying there through the weekend and will thus be away for ten days in a row. My wife is also away travelling at the moment and I am thus anticipating that I will be receiving a snotty reception from five pissed-off little kitties on my return.

Having learned from experience, I will not only be pre-publishing a post for each day I am gone, but will also post a couple of extras in case I am delayed getting home again. I also don’t know if I will have much time for taking pictures on this trip so I thought I might share a few with you that I took back in June…

I have had the worst time trying to get a decent aerial shot of the town. It seems I am either sitting on the wrong side of the plane as we approach, the weather is bad, or, as in this case, the windows of the plane are filthy. Anyway, you can get a sense of the place from this picture and, if you look closely, you can see the ‘Jetson’ building as well. Igloolik, as I have mentioned previously, is on a tiny island that you could easily walk across in an afternoon and, if possible on this upcoming trip, I will try and take a picture from the air that lets you see it a little better.

This is one of the two hotels in Igloolik. This one, where I stay most frequently, is called the ‘Tujormovik Hotel’ and, since ‘Tujormovik’ basically refers to a place where you stay, the name could easily be translated as the ‘Hotel Hotel’. There are eight rooms, which must often be shared, and none have private washrooms. The food, however, is mostly pretty good.

This is just a shot giving you a bit of a sense of small village life in the Arctic. One thing you might notice is the metal sleeves filled with rocks and sand around the telephone poles. It would be prohibitively expensive to bury phone lines and the like in most of the Arctic and the permafrost means that simply sinking poles into the ground would mean subsidence in very short order. Hence, they are ‘buried’ above ground instead.

This is the Community Hall where the Court usually sits. Here you can see one of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers chatting with some of the locals who are waiting for court to start.

And this is the inside of the building… The blue chair in the foreground is mine (I *always* have to be different) and the young lady to the right is Jeannie Alainga, one of the translators who travels with the Court. The psychedelic painting of the walrus at the back of the hall is a fairly recent addition and certainly livens up the place a little.

Anyway… the Internet service in Igloolik is less than terrific. I will probably be able to read e-mails on my Ipad periodically but accessing web-pages will likely be very difficult and I probably won’t be replying to any comments whilst I am gone. Hang tight and I shall be back online again in no time…


14 thoughts on “Igloolik … Home of the Jetsons”

    1. They are being majorly sucky right now with ‘Mummy’ gone. Another 15 hours until I leave… I have one on my lap, one beside me and one behind me on the back of the couch. Maybe there’ll be snow and I can stay home 🙂

  1. I like the posts about Arctic living the best because most of us know so little about living in the Canadian Arctic.

    Court interpreters provide such a very valuable service. The best ones hold themselves to a standards of conduct and ethics. I’ve known some court interpreters since I worked for legal aid in B.C. (yes, the public agency). We did have a legal information line where we did have some paralegals and lawyers with more than 1-2 language fluencies.

    Love that hearing rm….it’s warm with that local art work. Great stuff!

  2. I can remember – what is that “Jetson’s” building. I’ve only been in the Igloolik airport. From: “The Wife” 🙂

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