Travelling Again…

Well, I am off again  tomorrow… This time on Court circuit to Arctic Bay and Resolute Bay. The view you see above shows Resolute, which is the second most northerly community on the continent. The picture is taken from the steps of the Hamlet Building where Court is held and faces out across Lancaster Sound, roughly in the direction of my old house in Pond Inlet, which is about an hour and a half away by air. I don’t have a lot of pictures of Resolute, even though I have been travelling there regularly for the past decade, but I will try and rectify that on this trip and have something to share with you on my return…

This is Arctic Bay, which is actually the first port of call. I do have quite a few pictures of this place, but most are quite dated, so I will also take as many as I can next week and have something more current for you in due course.

As it happens, my wife is also away at the moment. After her recent odyssey of nearly five weeks, she was only home for a week and then left again for a conference in Toronto. I will probably see her in Iqaluit airport for a few minutes when she returns and I await to board my flight but that will be the extent of our reunion. On return from Arctic Bay and Resolute, I will only be home for two days before I have to leave again for a Jury trial in Igloolik. The result will be that, in the past couple of months, I will only have seen my wife for 8 or 9 days. Still, tough as that may be, there is an upside… currently my wife is armed with a list of foodstuffs to purchase in Toronto’s Chinatown and she has also promised to record a few meals she has there with a view to doing a guest restaurant review or two…

Well, anyway… my regular posts will continue while I am gone (pre-published of course) and I will be back in my kitchen for more culinary experiments in a couple of weeks…

11 thoughts on “Travelling Again…”

      1. Vancouver is number one in Cantonese food outside hk. Toronto is number 2. This is my own rating.
        New York is number 3. San francsco is ok…but the good ones are not in china town.

  1. you always feature asian foodstuff/food in your blog.. is there someone who influenced you? or you just love asian food? looking forward to your new photos of the above mentioned place.

  2. Wow and i trhough my relationship was hard with my husband in school and working 7 days a week….at least he comes home for a few hours at night. This kinda puts things back in perspective. Thnks. Anyway, my nanny lives in TO and yes it has great shopping in china town. Although she is originally from europe, she love Mongolian and indian food and shops there often.

    1. Actually, my wife is coming home a day early so we’ll get a brief spell together. She has no more travel until the spring and I only will be away a few weeks for the rest of the year so it’s not so bad. On the down side… I think she had to give her Chinatown excursion a miss in order to leave a day early… but that’s okay 🙂

  3. I vouch for Vancouver and Toronto for Chinese cuisine. VAncouver edges out because of immediate access to fresh diverse local seafood. I lived and worked in Toronto for over 20 years, Vancouver over 9 yrs. Both places I still visit and spend time.

    Would be interested in anything about Resolute Bay. I’ve come to the conclusion that living in the Arctic takes pateinece because not everything is immediately available at one’s fingertips.

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