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Pork Belly with Pickled Mustard Greens

When I featured Pickled Mustard Greens in a recent foodstuffs post, I mentioned that my wife and I especially like them cooked with pork belly slices. My wife is out of town at the moment but I have a hankering for this homey dish so I thought I would whip up a batch for my supper and share the very simple little recipe with you… 

The Ingredients

For this dish you can just use fresh pork belly slices and fry them in their raw state, but I generally have pre-cooked ones leftover from rendering the fat for other culinary uses. For this dish, I actually used some slices from my Pork Belly Confit experiment.

The Method

First, fry the pork belly slices at high temperature until nicely golden and a little crisp. If using raw pork belly, you may need to add just a little cooking oil to get things started, but if using pre-cooked this won’t be necessary. Once the slices are done, drain off any excess fat over and above a tablespoon or so.

Scoot the cooked pork slices over to the side of the pan and add the chili bean paste, sugar and the vinegar. Stir to blend and then as the vinegar evaporates out, stir the pork into the blend to glaze the pieces.

Finally, add the mustard pickle, stir-fry until well-heated through and serve immediately.

The Verdict

I served mine, as usual, with just a little plain rice and enjoyed a nice, simple supper with leftovers for lunch the following day.  There’s nothing terribly special about this dish… it’s just good plain comfort food. It’s really easy to throw together but it’s one that I think you will want to do again after trying it out…



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