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Foodstuff: Seafood Medley – Aquastar Brand

I’ve been meaning to feature this product for sometime now but my current package has been languishing in the freezer for ages waiting for the right meal. For a long time, I was using another very similar frozen seafood mixture made by a different company (whose name I can’t now recall) and I was originally going to feature that one in a ‘Foodstuffs’  post but didn’t get around to it. That brand was pretty good but the Aquastar version is actually much better….

This is the contents of the package while still frozen. There is more in the package than my wife and I will generally eat in a single meal so it is a nice feature that the outer bag comes with a re-sealable top.

The package lists the contents as containing: Octopus, Cuttlefish, Squid, Shrimp, and Mussels or Clams. A random cull from the very top of the bag reveals that the promised contents are fairly equally represented, although it is hard to differentiate between the octopus, squid and cuttlefish, given the size of the pieces. There appears to be both clams and mussels included (mussels very definitely) but all are quite small. In contrast, the shrimp, though not huge by any means, are a good deal larger than those included in the rival brand, mentioned earlier, where they were not much bigger than cocktail shrimp.

Culinary uses

The manufacturers suggest on the front of the package that the product is ideal for stir-fry dishes and, indeed, this is probably the most common way I have used it. Of course, the actual possibilities are endless and I note that the Aquastar website provides a recipe for Cioppino that is, while not wildly interesting, worth a look.

Naturally, there is no real substitute for using absolutely fresh shell-fish, but  actually assembling this variety of different sorts independently can be quite expensive using the fresh articles (especially here) so this is a useful product indeed. I expect to get two uses from this 450 gram package, and the first will be featured in an upcoming post  very shortly…



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10 thoughts on “Foodstuff: Seafood Medley – Aquastar Brand

  1. I tend to stay away from the seafood medleys available here, because they are treated with some kind of acid preservative that can clearly be tasted in the final dish. They also release too much water when stirfried and become tough easily. I’ve never seen your brand though.

    1. These certainly throw off a lot of liquid during thawing, but I haven’t had any problem during cooking. They will toughen if you aren’t careful though. I haven’t experienced any particular unpleasant flavors, but they definitely are not the same as fresh.

  2. I bought a bag of the medley with the octupus,mussels,shrimp etc.And The first bag unthawed before I could get home.I refroze it And when I opened it it stunk! So I bought another 2 bags this time I got it home before it unthawed. I hope it smells better this time around.Just trying to find a good time to pull out of freezer.Wish me luck!

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