Travel: Ottawa again!!

Iqaluit … not Ottawa.

Just a short post today…

This past week was a trial week in Court here in Iqaluit and I inherited a number of cases as the local Legal Aid office was a bit shorthanded. Thankfully, we are finished now and I am *so* happy to report that, tomorrow (weather permitting), I shall be winging my way down to Ottawa once again. This is not purely a pleasure trip unfortunately… I have an appointment  with an orthopedic surgeon in connection with a relatively minor, but still annoying, problem in my right hand. Still, I will be in the City for a whole seven days and so I will have all sorts of opportunity for some culinary adventure.

Naturally, I have already made a list of restaurants I want to visit and will be posting the reviews in due course. I love reading restaurant reviews, even for places I will never likely visit, and while I realize that my upcoming reviews will mostly only interest those from, or near to Ottawa, there are quite a few exciting dishes I want to try so I hope the rest of you might get some vicarious enjoyment from my reports.

A trip or two to Chinatown’s markets is also anticipated and I will be scouring the place for different new foodstuffs to play with over the holidays. So far, amongst a few other things, I plan to hunt down the following:





If you can read Chinese characters, you are probably fairly well familiar with the foods in question. If you are mystified, stay tuned for my return…

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