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Review: Cora’s

179 Rideau St., Ottawa – (613) 241-7642 – Website

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Date of Visit: December 8, 2012

Cora’s, I only just discovered, is a chain of restaurants (currently celebrating 25 years in operation) that has 147 restaurants across Canada. Thus far, however, I have never been in one and the only one I have really noticed was the one on Rideau St. in downtown Ottawa which was visible from my hotel room during this last visit to the capital. One morning, during my stay, I decided to give it a try for brunch…

Ambience and Service

Coras 2

The restaurant is quite large, seating at least 100 patrons or so, and when I attended at 10:30 in the morning, it was very nearly full with the Saturday shopping crowd. It features mainly booth seating, with a few individual tables, and the interior is clean, brightly lit and very comfortable. I was seated and served right away and my waiter during the visit was very helpful in answering questions and never let my coffee cup get empty.

The Food

Coras 3

Cora’s has a very large colorful breakfast menu (there is a separate lunch menu on weekdays only) and it features a whole selection of crepes (both sweet and savory), several inventive French Toast selections, some nice fruit plates and quite a few omelets. On this occasion, I was looking for something substantial and was seduced by their offering called the ‘Gargantuan Feast’ which was described as including: 2 eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, a crepe, creton spread, baked beans and toast. What the menu didn’t say was that it also came with roast potatoes and, when my waiter informed me I could have these with mushrooms and onions on top I, perhaps unwisely, selected them.

Coras 4

As you can see, the feast is indeed substantial and, on the whole it was very good. The bacon, sausage, ham and scrambled eggs I chose were largely unremarkable (neither better or worse than equivalent eateries) and the baked beans were tasty but, I suspect, canned.

Cretons, for those unfamiliar, is a spread made out of pork, a little like rillettes, and is generally served cold. I have not had this before and I really wasn’t that keen on it as the heavy seasoning, featuring cinnamon, was a bit jarring with the rest of the meal.

The crepe was actually more of a pancake, actually, and was a bit rubbery to my taste (although not too bad), while the potatoes were far better than one usually gets with restaurant breakfasts. They were good size wedges, nicely seasoned, and I thought afterward, that having them with mushrooms and onions was a bit of an overkill. All in all, I thought this a pretty good spread for the $13.45 I paid and I rated it at a decent 4 out of 5.


I had a great, and very filling breakfast at Cora’s for a decent price and was treated very well in pleasant surroundings. It is easy to see how the place has managed to become so popular with its patrons and I would happily return.

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8 thoughts on “Review: Cora’s

  1. Too bad about the cinnamon. I make cretons every now and again and use only fine herbs along with the normal salt and pepper and it is very good. I once had a tourtière that tasted so overpoweringly of cloves we could not eat it. Makes you wonder sometimes if folks taste what they cook.

    1. I might have liked it in a different context … as an hors d’ouvre, maybe with crackers and a bit of Jalapeno jelly or something. Here it was just… wrong, somehow 😦

  2. this meal no longer exists in this form … they completely change the gargantuan to another meal. If you return expecting this you will be heavily dissapointed. No beans, not creton, 1/2 the fruit, the crepe is now a blueberry pancake instead. It used to be the only item I’d eat when I went in there, now I will no longer be returning at all ever !! Very disappointed ! When I told the server that this was not the Gargantuan that I had just had a couple of weeks back, and several dozen times before that, he simple grabbed the new menu & showed me it is the Gargantuan NOW …. he didn’t care, he was getting paid either way & his tip reflected his disinterest in rectifying the situation. It is bait & switch !! Why completely change an item on your menu & call it something you already sold under that name. Cora’s, you won’t be seeing us back ever again.

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