Yule Tidings to all….

Yule Tidings 1

Greetings folks… I hope you will all have a chance to take sometime to relax with friends and family today and I would also like to extend my thanks to all my readers, especially those who take the time to comment on my posts, thereby making the whole blogging effort so very worthwhile.

During this past year, I have shared quite a few pictures of places here in the far North, but I have not yet done a post featuring my hometown of Iqaluit in any detail. I’ll remedy that in the New Year sometime but, for now, I’ll just share this aerial picture that allows you to see the whole city. All but one of Nunavut’s communities are situated on the coast but, as you can see, for much of the year it is often hard to tell where the land ends and the sea begins…

Yule Tidings 2

Here is a slightly smaller shot with an arrow showing where I am sitting at this very moment. Our new house, which, regular readers will recall, we moved to back in September, sits in what is called the ‘Road to Nowhere’ subdivision.

Yule Tidings 3

When we moved to Iqaluit in 2000, there were no buildings out here and people just informally called this particular dirt road the ‘road to nowhere’. A few years ago, however, the name was made official as you can see by the street sign. Unfortunately, the sign is no longer standing and I can only presume that it got stolen so many times that the city decided not to replace it.

Yule Tidings 4

Anyway, our dinner later today will this Guinea Fowl. Even a small turkey is a bit much for me and my wife and, to tell the truth, neither of us is that keen on it. For the past three years, our Christmas feast has been a rack of lamb, which is very nice, if not especially seasonal in this part of the world. This year, the wife was pushing for duck but she was somewhat mollified when I showed her the Guinea Fowl because neither of us have had it before. It is not easy to tell from the picture, but this little bird is smaller than most chickens you will likely see in the market and I figure that half of it will do both of us very nicely.

I also managed to get some nice looking white asparagus, which I have also never cooked before. I am not a fan of green asparagus very much but I do cook it from time to time as the wife really likes it. Had I been cooking it for this meal I would also have included parsnips as I love them and don’t have them often as my wife is less keen. As we are having white asparagus as well as potato, I figure another white vegetable would be overkill so I am going to do some nice baby bok choy instead.

Yule Tidings 5

Well, finally, a picture of a Kamotik, posted for no other reason that it looks suitable wintery.

In a few days I will post our verdict on the Guinea Fowl and white asparagus, and maybe even share some pictures of other culinary treats we enjoyed over the season…

7 thoughts on “Yule Tidings to all….”

  1. Hi,
    Your dinner sounds lovely. I have only had Guinea Fowl once and it was delicious, you can only buy it in speciality shops in Oz, so it is hard to find.
    A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and enjoy. 🙂

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