Sybaritica Celebrates: 365 Days … 365 Posts!

Anniversary 1

When I began this blog, one year ago today, I  had no real sense of how it would develop, but I decided, after reading about others who had done the same, that I would challenge myself to writing  post a day for a whole year. Yesterday, I published post number 365 and the challenge is done!!

Thus far, after a full year, I have garnered over 500 followers and received well over 55,000 visits from people in over 160 countries and the question now remains: where to go from here…

I have every intention of continuing this blog but I decided, over the last few months, that cutting back a bit on my rate of posts is in order. I have calculated that I spend, on average, about three hours on each post (taking into consideration the writing, research, photography, editing and indexing) and, at over twenty hours each week, I don’t have a lot of time for much else. It has been loads of fun, and meeting the challenge felt really good, but, after all that effort, I think it is time to take a bit of a break and focus on some other projects.

I have decided that I will take an absolute break and write no posts for the next three weeks or so. I may check in and respond to comments and so forth, but other than that, a much needed hiatus is due. After that, I am thinking that I will likely post no more than one kitchen experiment per week (a Sunday Dinner special, perhaps). I will publish restaurant reviews as when I get to explore new places, and I will also feature interesting dishes and foodstuffs from time to time, but, other than that, I will be posting at a little more leisurely rate than during this past, very busy year…

Sincere thanks to all my followers and I hope to see you all after my return from ‘vacation’….

17 thoughts on “Sybaritica Celebrates: 365 Days … 365 Posts!”

  1. It’s true: blogging is a big commitment. If only there were more hours in the day! But given that there aren’t, there is nothing wrong with taking a break every once in a while.

    Congratulations on one year and 365 posts!

  2. Congratulations on your first anniversary and dedication! Sometimes it’s been hard to keep up with you as a follower, so I can imagine how much work has gone into writing all of that! Enjoy the break and till soon!

  3. A year of blogging is certainly something to celebrate. Congratulations! You have an amazing number of hits and followers for just one year. What do you attribute that to? Have you got any tips for us slower-growing bloggers?

    1. Hmm … I have been half-thinking about doing a blog post on that topic. I’m hardly an expert but I have taken a few notes as I went along this past year. Being very engaged in the blogging community helps a lot… but post topics make a difference. Funnily enough, I keep getting search engine hits on products and foodstuffs I have featured…. for example, I get hots from people searching the word ‘physalis’ all the time (my ‘Cape Gooseberry’ post comes up)… now that you’ve asked, maybe I will do that post when I return!

  4. Enjoy your well-deserved break. Congratulations on your daily posting! This was a huge job, and I wondered how you could keep it up. Love the recipes, directions and the photos. Looking forward to the weekly posts etc when you get back.

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