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Hi Folks … I am still on my blog ‘vacation’, but I spotted this post at Stefan’s Gourmet Blog (which I follow regularly) and thought it worth sharing…. You may want to take a closer look at the blog as it is well worth the visit!

Stefan's Gourmet Blog

No recipe today but just a simple trick. I tried it on a hunch and was surprised how well it worked!

Basil is notoriously difficult to keep because the leaves are not very robust and can’t withstand refrigerator temperatures — they turn black when kept below 12C/55F or so.

But outside of the fridge basil wilts easily, as shown in the picture above. If it is only just a bit limp but not completely dry or black, it can be rescued with a very simple trick!

Just submerge the wilted basil in cold (not too cold) clean water and wait. The water has to be clean, because the basil will take on any bad smells or tastes from the water.

It takes longer than you might think, about 12 hours or so, but then the firmness will return completely to all of the basil that had not wilted beyond the…

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  1. Hello, hope you are enjoying your vacation. Just to give you a pre-notification…I am making abalone, very experimental, but it will be great, as a friend has taught me. Stay tuned for my next post…in the next few days…

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