Greetings All… I am back!

My Mountain

Hey Folks…

Way back on January 8th, I announced that Sybaritica would be on a three week hiatus following a whole year of daily posts. My vacation, however, was from blogging only and, the day after that last post, I was off on a Court circuit to the tiny community of Sanikiluaq way down at the bottom of Hudson’s Bay. The beauty of that circuit is that you cannot fly there directly from here in Iqaluit but must, instead, go south all the way to Montreal and then catch a ‘milk-run flight’ north to the Belcher Islands. As usual, I arranged to spend two nights rather than just one in Montreal and got to dine in a few different restaurants while I was there.

Shortly, I will post a pictorial account of the Court circuit along with a couple of Montreal restaurant reviews, but, for today, I thought I would share with you a picture of the mountain I was able to see from my Hotel downtown. The picture is taken on the highest zoom setting of my camera and, in normal view the mountain is not much more than a small bump on the horizon. I include it here, though, because (drumroll)… it is named after me!

No, really… I swear to God….

Actually, I should probably point out that the (re)naming of this mountain is just a tiny bit less than completely official and known only to a fairly small group of people (just three, I think)… It happens that two friends of mine, almost twenty-five years ago, were driving to Ottawa from New Brunswick and they took a picnic break on the side of the highway within view of this mountain. They decided (quite generously, I thought) to christen it after yours truly and did so with all due ceremony. Lacking a bottle of wine to smash over the promontory (as they do at ship launchings and the like) they threw grapes at it as the next best thing. Given that they were several kilometers from the base, I am not entirely sure the christening ‘took’, but the thought was there and I am thus, as you can see, now immortalized.

Anyway … after Sanikiluaq, I was home for just over a week and today (my birthday, actually), I am away again for more Court in Pond Inlet. I will be busy seeing clients for the next few days before the Judge arrives, but I will also have a bit of free time to finish editing my pictures and reviews from Montreal. Stay tuned…


20 thoughts on “Greetings All… I am back!”

  1. How nice to have you back…I’ll add my “happy belated birthday” to you, also. Birthdays are gift to be celebrated. How nice to have a mountain named after you, and I’d love to have been present during the ceremonial grape throwing! 🙂

      1. My wife just went for Dim Sum in Chinatown today. She says she took pictures and kept notes so I will be posting her review after she gets back… she had 5 dishes (I think) and said there was WAY too much for her but that it was great.

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