Another Arctic Lawyer hits the Blogosphere!

Pang Feb 2013 16

The person you see pictured above is not only my colleague, but also the very same creative soul who managed to repair a modem using chewing gum and duct tape as described in my recent post entitled ‘Court Circuit to Sanikiluaq’. Tamara Fairchild (said colleague) is one of the latest additions to the Legal Aid staff here in the Baffin region but she is not exactly new to the North, having spent two years over in the law clinic in Cambridge Bay over in the western arctic…

Since moving here, Tamara has recently begun her own blog entitled ’52 words for snow’, and, in the two most recent posts, covering her first two court circuits as a defense lawyer, her mention of co-counsel refers to none other than yours-truly. For those of you who have enjoyed my reports on life here in Nunavut, you may wish to go have a look at Tamara’s blog for a really new and interesting perspective…

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