Travel: Home and away again…

Igloolik March 1

Well, no real post today; more of a brief rant and an announcement…

This past week, I don’t mind telling you, was the court circuit from hell. Last Saturday, my colleague and I, along with two Crown Prosecutors, flew up to Hall Beach, and then, later in the week, decamped for Igloolik for the regular court sittings. It was grueling work with long hours and a great deal of frustration.

The gentleman with the hat pulled over his eyes is my co-defense counsel, Christian Lyons. He is pictured here deeply absorbed in mentally planning his cross-examination in one of the many trials we each faced in the upcoming week (at least, I think that is what he was doing). The woman behind is Delinda, a ‘fly-in’ Prosecutor from Ottawa and she, and Christian and Barry (the other Prosecutor) helped to make the very trying week somewhat more bearable…

Igloolik March 2

Anyway, the rant portion of my post today is more about the return home rather than the difficult circuit itself. All four lawyers were scheduled to fly home at 10am yesterday aboard the ‘Canadian North’ flight, and my wife (who will be travelling herself very shortly) took the afternoon off so we could spend it together. Unfortunately, the rest of the Court party, who were booked on a flight leaving at 5pm changed to my flight after we discovered, due to the poor turn-out rate of accused persons, that we finished earlier than expected. This would be fine, but a blizzard the day before meant no planes landed and thus there was a backlog of people flying out. As it happened, instead of bumping the newly booked court party members, my co-counsel and I got the axe. This little fact was not known to me until I had risen early and schlepped my baggage to the airport in anticipation of lunch at home. Thank you SO much, Canadian North!!!

As it happened, the 5pm flight didn’t materialize either. For reasons unclear, Canadian North could not muster one of the usual aircraft and, instead, chartered a small Beechcraft from Kivalliq Air, to come and fetch the four of us who had been so unceremoniously bumped. That flight did not arrive until 6:30 and, what with refueling and so forth, we didn’t get into the air until after 7pm with a result that I finally walked through my front door some nine hours late. My suitcase, sadly, did not arrive and I am at loss to understand how, on a flight with only four passengers,, and less than 8 pieces of luggage total, Canadian North managed to mess up that simple operation. I am told that my bag will arrive some time later today…

Well, enough ranting… The announcement part of my post is that, in less than 48 hours I will be on my way to Ottawa once again. I have a whole list of restaurants to visit and will be scouring Chinatown for interesting things to bring home. Usually, I only bring dried goods but, since I will have a fridge in my hotel suite, I am hoping to bring some fresh produce to experiment with. On a happy note, I will not be travelling on Canadian North…




18 thoughts on “Travel: Home and away again…”

  1. Sorry to hear you had such a terrible trip. I bet they even charged a lot for it, too. The small plans looks well… small! Have a great time in Ottawa — already looking forward to another post about some exotic ingredient you’re undoubtedly going to find there 🙂

    1. Luckily legal aid covers my travel expenses. I actually prefer the smaller planes usually but on this occasion I developed a sudden need to pee after 20 minutes in the air and had to suffer for another hour and forty minutes 🙂

  2. ” … due to the poor turn-out rate of accused persons, that we finished earlier than expected.”

    Are people charged allowed to just not show up in court? What happens if they don’t show up?

    1. A bench warrant issues for their arrest and, in theory, charges of failing to attend will be laid. Typically, those arrested willactually just be released on a new recognzance or undertaking to attend the next sitting without additional charges. It is a very dysfunctional aspect of the system…

  3. Traveling for a living can be very frustrating, with delayed and cancelled flights, unexpected drop-ins at destination points not on your travel itinerary, delayed and lost luggage, and bad hotel accommodations. When I traveled 130+ days per year, my kids never understood why a vacation to me wasn’t getting on a plane and going somewhere to stay in a hotel. Sorry to hear your travel troubles.

  4. I actually would love to know what they said about losing your luggage. You’re right about it being almost impossible, except for total negligence. I am so sorry you missed time with your wife and at home together given your heavy traveling schedule. A rant now and then is good for the soul, and given it was about airline travel, you had a company of readers all of whom relate in some way! 🙂

    1. The luggage was delivered to my house last night at around 7pm by the Supervisor. She asked me to send her a detailed e-mail so that she can investigate… I’m curious myself!

  5. That is amazing that they lost your bag when you were one of four passengers! Geez. Once, when I was traveling in Argentina, we arrived at the airport to find that our airline carrier had been shut down by the government because they were under investigation for drug smuggling. That was unexpected! They had the use of a couple of planes just to “wrap up business,” but they didn’t lose anything.

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