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Foodstuff: Mint Jelly – President’s Choice Brand

Mint Jelly 1

When I was a kid growing up in England, a lamb roast was always served with my mother’s homemade mint sauce, or else a very nice mint jelly made by a Scottish company called Baxter’s. Once we moved to Canada, Baxter’s couldn’t be found and the only commercial variety we ever had in the house after that was a truly awful concoction I couldn’t stand. Honestly, I couldn’t understand why my parents continued to buy the stuff after the first time we had it as it was a horrible fluorescent green muck that tasted like toothpaste. Occasionally, over the years, I have managed to find imported varieties, including Baxter’s, in specialty stores, but I recently came across this domestic version from ‘President’s Choice’ that is really quite good…

Mint Jelly 2

The jelly isn’t quite attractive as I recall Baxter’s as being (that variety was a brighter, more emerald green in color), but it is quite dense with flecks of real mint leaf. The flavor is also nice and fresh and is actually a proper mint taste rather than the artificial, flat ‘toothpaste’ flavor in many other lesser products. It could maybe do with a little more acidity to balance the sweetness but is still, nevertheless, very good. It would be a perfectly acceptable accompaniment to any roast of lamb and could easily be adapted as a base for other, more complex sauces and condiments. The best I can say, I guess, is that I deemed this product delicious enough to serve with my Easter lamb this year…




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2 thoughts on “Foodstuff: Mint Jelly – President’s Choice Brand

  1. The PC Mint Jelly is the worst mint jelly I have ever tasted. It is pure vinegar, no other taste, just vinegar. Not acceptable…it has no mint flavour at all, at all…and not pretty to look at either. We will never again purchase PC Mint Jelly.

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