A Blogging Milestone….

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This morning, at 8:06am, I finally hit 100,000 hits to my blog. It took me about 16 months to accumulate that many page views but it certainly made my day.

Back in January, I announced that I had completed a whole year of writing posts every single day and mentioned that, henceforth, I would be taking it a little easier so as to leave me time for other endeavors. I have finally settled in to a routine of a post every three days, which is certainly a lot easier. In fact, I have actually completed sufficient food-related posts to keep me going up until mid-August already, with the result that I can occasionally do other posts on non-food matters when the fancy strikes me. Under this new regime, I can occasionally say to heck with writing anything for a day or two and not feel like I am neglecting my readers.

Anyway, I suppose the next goal will be a quarter of a million hits. I hope you will all still be reading…

18 thoughts on “A Blogging Milestone….”

  1. Congratulations but I am not surprised! You inspire me constantly.

    In fact, I just sent your link to an organic farmer running CSA called Mill River Farms. I had shared your lemon pesto recipe (which we make this past weekend with her free range chicken)

  2. Congratulations! I get excited when I see my little bar graph reach the high 60s! Maybe by the time I’ve been blogging a year or more I will get up to 300 daily views. 🙂 I don’t think you need to feel pressured to do a daily post, or even one every three days! I congratulate you on your efforts if you managed a post a day for 365!

  3. I can’t believe you’ve been writing a post every day. I can’t even manage one every week at present! If I had it my way, I’d give up my day job and just work on the blog full-time. Ah, why do we need money? 🙂 Anyway, congratulations on the amazing milestone!

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