Summer is here…sort of…

Hall Beach June 1

Well, the first day of June did not dawn particularly nicely for me. Here in Iqaluit, most of the snow has gone within the city but I was up in Hall Beach on Court circuit and it was rather grim and nasty for most of the time. Still, I arrived home yesterday and it so happens that I have no further circuit travel until the end of July, nor, for that matter, do I have any trials or other work here in Iqaluit for the next seven weeks. In a sense, I have thus started my summer ‘vacation’ and though that is a bit of a long stretch without much income, the break will be especially nice following a particularly grueling circuit…

Hall Beach June 2

After 5 days in Hall Beach, the Court was scheduled to move on to Igloolik for another few days. Above, you can see the Court party (yours truly is in the light colored jacket) aboard our limousine for the trip to the airport. The anticipation was that we would have a fifteen minute flight to Igloolik, a nice supper, and then a fairly leisurely evening before court the next day. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way…

The Judge and the court staff were booked on one flight, while the lawyers were all another that was scheduled to leave within ten minutes of the first. As it happened, though, the landing visibility was poor and, although the Judge’s aircraft took a chance and made it in, our airline, after a long delay, decided not to even try and we ended up flying all the way back to Iqaluit. We arrived at 9:30 pm (after having had nothing to eat since noon) and had to fly all the way back to Igloolik the next day.  As a result, we lost a whole day and had a pretty brutal time making up for it. Thankfully, we managed to get home without too much in the way of further aggravation.

Hall Beach June 3

This, by the way, was a notice posted in the cafeteria of the hotel in Igloolik, and it illustrates on of the realities of northern living. Even here in Iqaluit, the prices of certain  items food in the few months before the arrival of the annual Sealift can skyrocket and, in the outlying little communities it is even worse. In southern Canada, you can buy a can of Coke for less than a buck so, as you can see, $5.25 is quite a difference.

Anyway, the circuit is over and I have a nice little break ahead. In July, I am scheduled for hand surgery (not fun), but I will be having it in Ottawa during the week coinciding with the National Criminal Law Conference, which I am also attending. I’ll get lots of opportunity for some restaurant adventures and get too see what interesting culinary things I can find in Chinatown once again…


15 thoughts on “Summer is here…sort of…”

      1. iced tea is my one true love so … I would survive. But, I do have to say that somethings just taste better with a coke, like a burger and fries.

  1. you know… I suddenly am thankful being in eastern Washington (where I am always resentful every winter;)!). I dont think I can handle snow up to March, left alone June! I’m gonna go out and run around barefeet with my shorts & tanktop, now;)…

  2. Oh it looks so cold! You are a trooper! Between the cold and the high prices I don’t think I’d do too well! But I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with on your break!

  3. As June 1st brought winter with it here in Canberra, it’s funny to think of that date as the start of summer… although,looking at your pictures, you might as well be celebrating a Canberran winter! lol

  4. Holy moly. That’s summer in Nunavut?? Yikes. What’s the temperature during the height of summer there, just out of curiosity? I think I would weep heavily if soda were that expensive here. Enjoy your break!

    1. We get mid to high twenties in July and August here in Iqaluit (high twenties are rare). In Pond Inlet, where we spent 5 years, I don’t recall it ever going over plus 16.

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