The Celebrated, International ‘Shanghai Chicken’ Project…

International Project

Stefan, over at Stefan’s Gourmet Blog, has proposed a rather interesting little project based on the dish you see pictured above. Clayton, a friend of his from San Francisco, was served this ‘Shanghai Chicken’ in a restaurant there and it sparked a bit of an e-mail exchange which you can read about by following the preceding link…

Anyway, the culmination of the discussion was the proposal that the three of us, Clayton, Stefan and myself, each create a dish inspired by the San Francisco original (subject to certain limits and requirements set by Stefan) and then post our results in blog-space. Even better, Stefan invites any other interested bloggers to participate with creations of their own.

I have told Stefan that my own effort will take between one and two weeks to be ready for publication but I already have a few ideas simmering away on the back-burner (so to speak). It would be great for some others to join in on this little undertaking and I am sure that there are quite a few of my blog-followers who could rise admirably to the challenge.

Any takers?


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