Snow .. Oh, Yay!

June Snow 1

It’s almost the end of June… barbecue season, supposedly… and here it is snowing.

I took this picture an hour ago from our front door looking towards the almost thawed ‘Dead-Dog Lake’ and now I am having some misgivings about a planned cook-out tomorrow. I’ve already had a bit of bad luck in that two packages of chicken I had in the fridge ready to marinate today turned out to be decidedly ‘iffy’ smelling when I opened them. Now, I have to do a sudden quick change of menu at the last minute (sigh).

Readers of my blog will recall that I have never been entirely sure what it is that my wife does for a living with all the travelling she does. I have long suspected that she might be an international assassin and, tomorrow she is hosting a group of ten people up from Toronto who, she tells me, are from IBM. Personally, I think they are actually CIA but, in any event, I have been dragooned into cooking a couple of dishes for an ‘al fresco’ meal at the nearby, and very beautiful, Sylvia Grinnell Park.

Things are not boding very well so far so I hope those reading this will keep their fingers crossed for me. If everything does come off alright, maybe I will have some nice pictures for you in a day or so…

24 thoughts on “Snow .. Oh, Yay!”

  1. Good luck to you! I just had to throw away a package of chicken the other night because it smelled iffy! Organic chicken at that. So expensive…

    It’s sunny and 85 degrees here (Southern New Hampshire), I think that if I looked outside and saw snow after the long, very snowy winter we had….I would have a stroke. 😉

  2. Is snow normal there for this time of year? I know what you mean about the spy thing – I often wonder about my better half – no one would want to spend half their life in different Travel Lodges up and down the country every week unless they were doing something like covert surveillance. My hubby just says he is an International Man of Mystery and I don’t question him any further.

  3. Snow in June? Yikes! Though it seems we here in Northern Illinois have seen nothing but rain for a straight week. (today’s finally sunny – hurray!). Much luck with your al fresco dinner, though I wonder if the “iffy” chicken could have worked at torturing the truth out of the IBM/CIA people. 🙂

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