The Deck Experiment

Greenhouse 0

No… we haven’t gone totally potty and installed an extra privy on our back deck (in fact, I’m pretty sure my wife will make me take the restroom sign down once she sees it).

Actually, this structure is going to be a horticultural shelter of sorts. My wife is not planting in the local community greenhouse this year, chiefly as it is a royal pain having to make the lengthy trek there to water plants every day or two. Instead, she had the bright idea of creating her own greenhouse out on our back deck after noticing that this corner of it receives about 20 hours of sun each day at this time of the year.

I am certainly keeping my fingers crossed for the success of this experiment, but it remains to be seen whether much will survive out there. The community greenhouse is a very large structure that retains the heat from the sun very nicely. Our structure is tiny in comparison and I expect that it will quickly lose heat on gray or rainy days. Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained…

Right now the only ‘occupant’ is a large tub of earth that will hopefully yield a crop of daikon. My wife started them inside and at present they are just tiny little sprouts. I am not entirely sure what else she intends to grow but I will certainly keep you abreast of any developments…

14 thoughts on “The Deck Experiment”

  1. A great idea and you’ll love it. I made a little garden in a wooden shipping pallet this year and I am still harvesting lettuce and swiss chard. Not everything went well, the soil ‘settled’ and the strawberries where left roots in air but I’mm sure it’ll be better next year.

    One thing I did in college you might like to try. I had ten foot windows in my apartment and no money for curtains. I put a narrow container of soil on the window sill and hung badminton nets, (for some odd reason I found a box of them at a yard sale) I grew sugar snap peas and beans in the boxes, the vines reached the tops of the window and filled out and the veggies lasted all winter and spring, it was lovely. Consider a version of the vertical in your lovely ‘potty’ garden!

    1. That would be great and my wife would love that. Unfortunately, up here, the problem in winter is not merely the cold but the lack of sun. For five years, up at the north end of the island, we had three months each year when the sun did not rise at all. Here in Iqaluit we are several hundred kilometers below the arctic circle but the winter sun is extremely weak and only rises low over the horizon for the middle part of the day. We have some plants inside that can tolerate low light (a fern and a few other small things) but we get barely any sun through the windows and even they do not do well in the darker months 😦

  2. I can’t wait to see how the daikon fare! If they successfully take to the greenhouse, maybe more vegetables are in the works?

    Or . . . maybe your wife is planning on using the greenhouse for top-secret spy work 🙂

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