Planting… ‘tis NOT the season obviously!

Planting 1

Today did not begin well agriculturally speaking. We had snow yet again, and not even a glimpse of the sun we need to get our crops underway. You can probably just make out the vague silhouette of our planting shelves and boxes through the plastic of our beleaguered greenhouse….

Planting 2

My wife spent most of the Canada Day long weekend preparing her planters. As with all her endeavors, she had a succession of four-legged family members come to assist/supervise, or generally just check things out.

Planting 3

Good Kitty (aka Dumbo) was eventually disgusted to learn that there was no actual food involved.

Planting 4

I know it looks like my wife is praying to Little White Kitty’s butt, but she is actually doing up one of her plant labels. You can see some of the little labeling ‘flags’ I made for her in the foreground.

Out by the front door there are some deeper boxes filled with soil and, if you look closely, you may even be able to see Good Kitty’s eyes reflecting the light as he sniffs around them. There was no food out there either…

Planting 5

Well the snow only lasted for a couple of hours thankfully. Usually, any snow this time of the year melts as soon as it hits anything solid but we actually had quite a little accumulation. It is disappearing quickly, however, with rain predicted, which should get rid of the rest in short order. Unfortunately, the wind is supposed to pick up and it may get chilly with gusts of up to 70km per hour.

Planting 6

Sounds like a good plan to spend the rest of the day on the couch…

10 thoughts on “Planting… ‘tis NOT the season obviously!”

    1. Oh, and GK in that picture so reminds me of certain cartoon kitties that used to appear regularly in the New Yorker. I don’t recall the artist but he had a penchant for drawing disgruntled cats.

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