When you just *gotta* go….

Gotta Go 1

The other day, I posted a picture of a fake ‘restroom’ sign I pinned to my wife’s backyard greenhouse as a little joke. I printed the sign off from an image I found on the web and, while I was searching for something appropriate (if that’s the right word), I came across a number of interesting toilet signs that were rather funny. There are all sorts of these scattered over the internet but I gathered together a few of the ones that tickled me the most. If you feel like something a little different from my usual food-related posts, please read on. Just be aware that a few of the images are just a wee bit graphically naughty…

Gotta Go 2

I have actually seen a version of this sign in a pub somewhere. It is an oldie (and still a goodie) but some of  you may need to think about it for a moment or two.

Gotta Go 3

This one continues the animal motif. It is moderately amusing but I think it would have been funnier if the male picture was entitled ‘Peckers’.

Gotta Go 4

I’m just a bit confused by this one. Is it supposed to specify washrooms for men, women and the handicapped, or are the two characters on the right waiting for the guy on the left to finish his business?

Gotta Go 5

Well this one leaves no doubt about who is to go where and the Taj Mahal like imagery rather suggests some palatial facilities are awaiting those in need. An Indian restaurant toilet perhaps?

Gotta Go 6

The owners of this facility must have been paying the sign painters by the letter.

Gotta Go 7

This is probably my favorite. Personally, if this were my restaurant I probably couldn’t resist using a longer hank of rope for the men’s room (not that I’m bragging or anything).

Gotta Go 8

Some very curious discrimination going on here. Are those males who are excluded supposed to know who they are?

Gotta Go 9

Well, the guy on the left certainly seems to have an air of contentment about him. The woman, however, appears to have had suffered (or possibly enjoyed) some sort of unexpected surprise!

Gotta Go 10

I guess this sign might be a little confusing without the dotted lines. I can only speculate as to why the woman appears to be wearing earplugs.

Gotta Go 11

It seems to me that the woman might be well-advised to sit facing away from the wind. However, she seems to not be unduly affected by any ‘blowback’ in this picture…

Gotta Go 12

One might suspect that this sign is a joke but I actually don’t think so. I don’t read Korean but I saw a similar sign which carried a caption warning that the stall partitions in the washroom in question could only support 200lbs weight. More diminutive ‘peepers’ are presumably safe at that particular location one imagines.

Gotta Go 13

Another warning of sorts, I presume (or encouragement, maybe).

Gotta Go 14

The next few images in this series are clearly intended to be instructional but this one is a bit ambiguous. Management seems to be fine with people putting a whole roll of toilet in the bowl, but is that supposed to be a small flock of (presumably evil-smelling) birds escaping from it?

Also, I am not sure if standing on the seat is absolutely forbidden… or if it is okay as long as you don’t aim for the toilet tank.

Gotta Go 15

Well, the message here is certainly clear enough, if rather ‘pointedly’ graphic. I have to wonder, though… is there is some special significance as to the direction one’s hat is facing?

Gotta Go 16

Good grief… No Choking????  Are we to conclude that men are permitted inside for certain purposes *other* than urination as long as they are relatively lightly endowed?

Gotta Go 17

One wonders… is this sort of thing happening with sufficient regularity to merit a sign needing to be posted? Secondly, and more to the point, what sort of terrible harm is management actually seeking to prevent here exactly?

Gotta Go 18

Well, duh!

Gotta Go 19

I think my wife would like this posted at our house.

Gotta Go 20

And for the benefit of those who ignored public postings of the previous sign…

Gotta Go 21

Oh well then, that makes me feel *SO*much better!

Gotta Go 22

Finally, this picture is a bit out of keeping with the series but I couldn’t resist including it here. It is interesting to be sure, but I am not sure I could ‘go’ with such an audience… Could you?

8 thoughts on “When you just *gotta* go….”

  1. Your post is the most fun I’ve had all day! I’m not sure what’s funnier – the photos or your comments on them. 🙂 Hysterical! There’s a place called The Firehouse Pub near me that has signs “People with Hoses” and “People without Hoses”…not nearly as entertaining as the ones you’ve uncovered.

  2. You certainly made me laugh out loud! Thanks, John! The most disturbing bathroom sign I have ever seen was in my university library. You know this whole fracking business? Well, there were signs above the sinks that said that if flames came out of the faucet, we should alert the building manager as quickly as possible.

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