Southward Bound!

Ottawa Trip July 2013 1

Later today, all being well, I anticipate that I will be viewing Iqaluit’s yellow plastic airport from the same vantage point you see in the above picture. I am off to Ottawa once again, and this time for up to 10 days or so. My trip will be a little longer than usual because, in addition to my usual round of restaurant adventures and excursions to Chinatown, my purpose for the visit is twofold:

First, I am going to be attending the annual National Criminal Law Conference (which will be my first time in 6 or 7 years, I think). The conference starts on the Monday and runs for the whole week and I am hoping to run into a few old friends there.

My other reason for being in the capital is a little less fun and will involve surgery to my hand. In my report on a trip to Ottawa last December, I mentioned that I was there to have my hand looked at by an orthopedic surgeon. About two years ago, I suffered an injury to my right hand that left the ring finger permanently crippled and unusable. The prevailing opinion seems to be that any attempts at repair would involve multiple, possibly painful surgeries, all with a very limited chance of restoring function. Since the finger, as it currently is, is a constant nuisance, I am going to take a simpler, though slightly more drastic approach to the problem. Suffice it to say that, on my return, my monthly ritual of clipping fingernails will be simplified by about 10 percent!

Anyway, I may actually be in Ottawa by the time some of you read this. My regular posts will still continue as I have posted well-ahead and they will be published every few days. I may even be posting some restaurant reviews while I am still away.  I am hoping that the recovery from surgery won’t interrupt my fun too much, or be too painful, of course. If it is though, there are plenty of very nice places within walking distance of my hotel who can provide suitable medication in just the right dosages. Oh, the suffering I have to look forward to!

Cheers 🙂

9 thoughts on “Southward Bound!”

  1. Oh my gosh, John. I am just reading this now (been so behind on blogging lately). I wish you good luck with the surgery and quick and speedy recovery! Although drastic, it sounds like it will be a strange kind of relief . . .

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