Just call me ‘Stumpy’ …

Stumpy 1

Not a terribly happy day today…

I had the hand surgery I mentioned several posts ago and I am now in just a bit of  pain. Naturally, I missed today’s part of my National Criminal Law Conference here in Ottawa and I rather suspect I may not be up for it tomorrow either. I really also have to apologize to all the people whose comments have gone unanswered in the past few days. The conference, excursions around the city, and now my hand issues are keeping me a little tied up… it is a bit of a chore just typing this, I must say.

Anyway, I was given a prescription for ‘Hydromorphone’, which is a morphine derivative that is actually about 6 times stronger than the actual morphine (or so I read at Wikipedia). I have also opened a ‘Tusker’ Beer from Kenya (as appears in the picture above my now missing digit). You are not supposed to consume alcohol with this medication really, but thus far, the can has lasted about an hour and is still half full and so I don’t think I am in any danger. The drug doesn’t totally kill the pain exactly, rather it just makes me feel a lot ‘happier’ about it 🙂

What with the conference and everything, I haven’t had the chance to review as many restaurants as I would normally, but I have written up a few places so  far and have also sampled some interesting dishes that will feature in ‘Notable Nosh’ posts in due course.  Stay tuned… I will be ‘back in the saddle again’ very shortly.

36 thoughts on “Just call me ‘Stumpy’ …”

      1. No … I just had the dressing for two days. My finger is still swollen and looks really bulbous. Looks kinda like the aftermath of a circumcision more than a finger 🙂

  1. Wow, great image. I hope the digital block was working as they removed the finger. I’m assuming the finger was not any help for work or cooking.
    I hope you become pain free soon and start to enjoy the end of the meeting.

    1. The block seemd to be working at the first incision… clearly not 100% for the second on the opposite side. They gave me another injection and it went fine after that.

  2. Hi John, I am so sorry to hear about your hand surgery. I missed reading and writing blogs these days as I have been busy. I wish you speedy recovery . Take care!

  3. The way I see it, pal, if it helps to ease the pain … you do whatcha gotta do. Take it easy for a while, John. The reviews can wait. Right now, it’s far important that you just feel better.

  4. I had similar hand surgery about 30 years ago. Didn’t take the drugs and healed very fast. At the time, I taught cooking classes and contemplated telling the students “This is why you have to be careful with the vegetable knife!” (But I could never bring myself to say it. Too cruel) Get well fast and do your hand exercises – they really make a difference.

    1. I changed the dressing today and things look good. Haven’t needed pain meds since about 1pm today… They had to go through a bone rather than clean through a joint so it was a bit tender for the first day and part of today.

    2. In middle school, I actually did have an industrial arts teacher who had lost a few digits after accidents in the shop. After each safety talk, he would wiggle his remaining digits at us and say, “Seven fingers is ALL YOU NEED!”


  5. Whoa!! Sorry that was the best option available. My left pinkie has given me fits for years, decades actually, and the options have been fusion or leave it alone until something really must be done. I have always opted for leave it alone until you have to do something. I hope you start feeling better and appreciated the comments about the hydromorphone making you feel a lot ‘happier’ about the pain. Wishing you a rapid and successful recovery.

    1. Thank you… much better already even after 24 hours. I was at the point where I couldn’t wear a glove because of my finger… something *had* to be done.

  6. Feel better soon. When you are all healed, you should try some kind of ring prosthesis there in absence of said ring finger. 🙂 Just kidding — at least, it’s not your middle finger. You wouldn’t be able to flip me off for making such a horrible comment.

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