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Foodstuff: Baconnaise – A Bacon flavored Spread

Baconnaise 1

With the advent of bacon flavored candy, bacon-flavored ice-cream, and a host of other combinations, it was only a matter of time before a mayonnaise based bacon spread hit the shelves and, naturally, when I saw this particular product, I couldn’t resist giving it a try. Unfortunately, much as I  enjoy bacon, and all the creative foodstuffs made using it, this one failed to tickle my culinary fancy…

Baconnaise 2

The spread is fairly unremarkable and inoffensive in appearance, being somewhat like a Thousand-Island dressing, and the aroma is very reminiscent of a heavily smoked breakfast sausage with a faint background tang.

As for the taste, the label on the jar quite fairly states that the taste is ‘simulated’ and, indeed, a perusal of the ingredient list fails to reveal anything remotely connected to bacon or any pork product. The one additive that does suggest something peripherally related to bacon is the ‘natural smoke flavor’ and it is this that dominates the taste experience as a whole. There is a base taste of commercial mayonnaise at the outset but this is almost immediately overwhelmed by the strong, slightly creosote-like tang of bottled liquid smoke. As for bacon? Well, let’s just say that even imaginary pigs weren’t harmed in making this spread.

Baconnaise 3

After tasting the spread right from the jar, I whipped up a small snack for my wife and I using crackers and some smoked oysters. The combination of the two might strike some as being overkill in the ‘smokiness’ department but, actually, the effect wasn’t that bad.

Having bought the jar, I will try to use a little more and I think it might be okay with sliced chicken breast on a sandwich, or perhaps on a burger. In truth though, I found it lacking any sort of subtlety, not even remotely bacon-like, and ultimately disappointing.

This product is, I have to say, a fail in my books but I suspect some of you will want to try it anyway. Failing that though, you could just as easily add a few seasonings and a splash of liquid smoke to a mayo of your choice and likely come up with something much better.



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8 thoughts on “Foodstuff: Baconnaise – A Bacon flavored Spread

  1. I have tried this too and underwhelmed is how to put it politely.

    I think one could probably come up with much better bacon mayo at home by simply making a good mayonnaise and adding crushed bacon.

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