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Source: Market Organics

126 York St, Ottawa – (613) 241-6629 – Website

Market Organics 1

On my last trip to Ottawa, my wife asked me to seek out what she described as a ‘Health Food’ store in order to pick her up some seeds and grain for sprouting at home. She couldn’t remember the name of the place she had in mind, just that it was ‘some place near, but not quite in, Byward Market’. After searching for a bit I couldn’t see anything likely but then the very helpful young people at the information booth in the Market’s main building not only steered me directly to ‘Market Organics’, but also consulted their computers and told me what times it was open.

Armed with directions, I located the place very easily and came across a building I had actually seen before but had never thought to enter. I was really only expecting to grab the stuff my wife wanted but after going inside I came across one of those sorts of ‘Foodie’ treasure troves that can keep me diverted for ages…

‘Market Organics’ describes itself as a ‘natural food store’ but it is really a lot more than this. It is quite a large establishment and is essentially divided into two sections. One side is devoted largely to straight food products of all sorts, while the other contains more health-related items including dietary supplements, homeopathic remedies and herb preparations and the like. There is however considerable overlap between the two.

Market Organics 2

The ‘food side, if I can call it that, contains all sorts of interesting items and products from all around the world. There are sauces, spice blends, breads, preserves, pickles and snacks, as well as all sorts of teas, seaweed, and soups, bot canned and dry-mix.

Market Organics 3

The store also carries a small selection fresh produce as well has frozen products, including meat. Their coolers are also stocked with a great variety of different beverages.

Market Organics 4

One of the nicest features of the place is the great bulk-food section, which is actually in what I call the ‘health side’ of the premises. There are all sorts of grains, salts, spices and many other things all available in just the quantity one desires. I should also note that, in addition to strictly food, or dietary products, the store also carries a fair inventory of non-consumables such as cosmetics, cleaning supplies, feminine care products and even pet supplies.

I am very glad I finally came across this terrific place and I wish I had encountered it years ago. I have been travelling to Ottawa regularly for a long time now and there are several stores that I visit on each trip. This one is now firmly added to that list…


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