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Review: The Black Knight Pub – Yellowknife

4910 49 St, Yellowknife, NT – (867) 920-4041 – Website

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Date of Visit: July 26, 2013

I usually find myself in Yellowknife about once a year on average but my most recent visit,  on a layover en-route to Taloyoak, was my first in nearly three years. I had planned to visit the Vietnamese Noodle House just up the street from my hotel but it was closed for the owner’s summer vacation and, instead, I wound up at the Black Knight, which is a place I have visited a few times in the past…

Ambience and Service

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The Pub is not extremely large. It seats about 100 on the lower floor but a further 180 can be accommodated upstairs for certain special functions. It is a low-ceilinged place decorated in a vaguely English Pub-like style, with dark wooden beams and a few horse brasses hung here and there and there are also many banners from English football clubs displayed.

I arrived at about 8pm on a Friday night and the place was almost full to capacity. It was noisy with conversation but there was, thankfully, no annoying loud music being played. It would have been very pleasant inside but the weather was quite hot that day, and the premises, having no air-conditioning, was almost brutally oven-like. There were some slow moving ceiling fans, whose effect can only have been negligible, but some small electric fans were also strategically placed on the floor and these, at least, move the air around a little.

I was served by a very personable and friendly young lady by the name of Caitlin, who managed to keep my glass filled despite being very busy. She seemed to have the knack of glimpsing me as I finished a beverage and then appearing to take a new order within minutes.

The Food

The menu at The Black Knight is typical Pub fare with most of the usual standbys like nachos and chicken wings, but they also have a list of 11 different burgers, including a Salmon burger and a Bison burger as well.

There are three 8oz steaks to choose from and on a previous visit I sampled their rib-eye. On that occasion, I was with two colleagues and we also had quite a few of the single-malt scotches on offer so my memory of the evening is a little sketchy. I do remember, however, that I was impressed with my steak.

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On this occasion, I opted to try the Steak and Guinness Pie which is touted to be made using ‘a closely guarded BK recipe. I asked Caitlin what this like and she said it was good (I suppose she could hardly say otherwise), but she also added that it didn’t have a lot of ‘stuff’ in it, meaning that the meat was not padded out with a lot of cheap vegetable.

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Caitlin proved to be right and I was very pleased with the dish. It was served in a ceramic bowl and the crust extremely thin and formed a lovely dome over the steaming contents. Other than a few small pieces of onion and mushroom, the pie was almost exclusively tender chunks of steak cooked in a really rich, delicious gravy, and I especially enjoyed the caramelization that occurred near the extremely hot sides of the dish. I honestly really wasn’t expecting anything special from this selection but it proved to be excellent. Rating 5 out of 5.


The Black Knight is a very pleasant and friendly place for an evening with friends and the service and food is excellent. I will be happy to return on future visits to Yellowknife. Rating 5 out of 5.

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  1. I read Jack London’s books as a child, and I’ve been fascinated with the northern extremes of our continent ever since. I’ve never been to Yellowknife, but I hope to go there in the next few years.

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