Happy Blog-day to me!!


Well, today is a milestone of sorts as this post is my 500th so far (YAY Me!) …

Actually, I have a written somewhat more than 500 posts, now that I think of it. When I did a re-organization a few months after beginning the blog, I deleted some posts that were just announcements and no longer current or meaningful. Still, my blog archive, as of today, contains 500 posts, which, it has just struck me, is the equivalent of a pretty hefty book.

Back in January, I announced that I had just completed my self-assigned goal of doing a post a day for a whole year. I also said, at that time that I planned to slow up a little in order to free up time for other projects. I originally was thinking of one recipe post a week with the occasional foodstuff article, restaurant review or non-food post appearing here and there. In the event, however, I have kept up a pretty solid pace with 22 posts in July and 27 in August alone. Currently, I have pre-posted an article for every three days between now and mid-November, but I will be filling in the gaps here and there with other items that occur to me from time to time.

My hit-rate currently averages between 10 to 20 per hour every day, and hasn’t changed much for many months now, but I note, in passing, that since I posted my Naughty Cooking Tips, a week doesn’t pass in which I don’t get at least a few search engine hits for ‘nude cooking’ or ‘naked vegan Alex’, indicating an abiding, if somewhat puzzling, interest in such things…

Anyway…  Cheers all, and thank you for all your comments and interest.


17 thoughts on “Happy Blog-day to me!!”

  1. Congrats, John! 10 to 20 hits per hour? How did you make that happen? It is amazing! I have been lagging behind on my blogs due to other projects. Let me see if your 500th post would give me an incentive to catch up with you….keep posting….you are right, you should publish a book ! Naked Vegan Cooking is listed right after my food for thought. How come this did not help to increase my readership? Just kidding! I do enjoy reading your blog, and did some experiments with a few of your recipes.

  2. Congrats John. A gargantuan achievement. I am weighing in at just over 150 posts. A few written and a few ideas too. It’s great fun and fantastic to become friendly with people from all walks and all over.

  3. Congrats! Quite an achievement. I have some posts planned through to the end of my travels through Australia, but I actually prefer the direct feedback of cooking, writing, posting as close together as possible.

      1. My cooking is often too ‘bursty’ as well to keep the time between cooking and posting short, as sometimes I cook for 4 or more posts worth in a single evening and then nothing for the remainder of the week.

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