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Roast Radishes

Roast Radish 01

This isn’t much of a post today… just a little note about something I tried recently.

I have posted about Roast Vegetables before and, indeed, I love all sorts of produce done this way as it develops flavors that just don’t come out with other cooking methods. The other day, I wanted to roast potatoes and a few other things to go with steak and did a search of the fridge to see what I could add. I would have like to include some carrots but my wife is really not a fan and so I hit on the idea of throwing in a few red radishes to the blend. Basically, on the assumption that radishes would take the same roasting time as potatoes, carrots or other root vegetables, I just tossed them in the same herbed and seasoned oil as my potatoes, and popped them into a 400 degree oven (the orange bell pepper you can see in the mix was added a bit later).

Now I should point out here that, after trying it, I ‘googled’ the idea and discovered I wasn’t the first to come up with the idea by any means. Still, I thought that it might turn out nicely and it definitely was a treat. The normal sharpness of fresh radishes mellows into a real sweetness and adds a component to the typical roast vegetable dish that is unique. If you would like to try this yourself, I recommend using fresh rosemary sprigs in the mix as I did. Enjoy…


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4 thoughts on “Roast Radishes

  1. Even though I’m a huge fan of roasted vegetables (and had thought I had tried almost every kind), I’m ashamed to say I’ve never thought to roast radishes. Moreover, i would have sworn it was impossible, given how watery they are. Shows how little I know. Your wife is the first person I’ve heard of who dislikes carrots. no harm in throwing a few on the edge of the pan, anyway!

  2. I never thought radishes could be roasted! What an innovator you are ( I mean it)! My husband & I are not a fan of radish as raw. However, roasting them sounds great. I shall definitely give it a go! Thank you (^-^)

  3. I don’t usually have radishes on hand because I’m not crazy about them raw in salads. I don’t dislike them, but since they’re not my favorites I just don’t buy them. But somehow I know I’d love them roasted. I’m looking forward to trying them with other roasted vegetables. But I may have to way just a bit…temperatures are above 100 degrees! Bet you can’t relate! 🙂 It will cool off soon.

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