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Iqalungmiut! Sushi comes North!

Iqaluit Sushi 1

This post won’t be of much interest to those outside Iqaluit, I don’t imagine, but I thought a brief announcement to Iqalungmiut might be in order as the arrival of freshly made sushi in our local grocery store is a pretty big deal for those of us in the North …

Iqaluit Sushi 2

While I was doing a bit of shopping at NorthMart I spied some lovely trays of sushi in the little deli section over by the bakery. There were three sorts; one (which you see above) contains two pieces of nigiri sushi with salmon, two with shrimp, and 6 pieces of an ‘inside-out’ maki sushi with avocado and crab. There were also trays with a just the maki type, one with a dozen pieces, and a larger, boat-shaped one with about 24 (I think… I didn’t count).

To complement the sushi, and to make a nice snack, the tray also comes with packages of Wasabi, soy sauce, and pickled ginger. Store-bought deli sushi is never quite the quality you get in a restaurant, of course, but this selection was as good as any I have had from a grocery store before. I hope this is going to be a regular thing here in Iqaluit and I look forward to seeing some other varieties appear…



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