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Thai Food Comes to Iqaluit!

Thai Food Iqaluit 1

There is a tiny little establishment here in Iqaluit known as the Grind & Brew which, besides serving coffee, also has a small menu and a few tables for dining. Thus far, however, I have only eaten their pizza as a delivery order but, not long ago, we received a flyer, in the form of a new, improved menu, indicating that Thai, and a few Chinese dishes, are now available. It took a while, but last night, feeling a bit too lazy to cook, my wife and I finally got around to trying a couple of their Thai selections…

We ordered 2 main dishes: The Shrimp in Red Curry sauce (on the left) and the Beef with Pepper Paste and Ginger. The selections both came with a single portion of steamed white rice and were supposed to be accompanied by vegetable spring rolls but these were forgotten. Having missing items on delivery orders is a recurrent and very annoying reality here in Iqaluit but, in this case, I was a little taken aback at how such a small and simple order could get messed up. The restaurant definitely loses points for this omission, in my books.

As to the quality of the food, I can fairly state that it was very tasty. The ‘chili’ heat was what I would describe as mild to moderate and the vegetables, chiefly peppers and onions, were nicely crisp-tender  as they should be. On the whole, though, there really wasn’t any of the complex flavor of a high-end Thai restaurant, (no hint of lemongrass, or Galingale, for example), but for all that it wasn’t bad at all. The food is, I should say, is Thai ‘fast-food’ rather than traditional but, given the Arctic location, it is very welcome.

My only real quibble, other than the sloppy delivery, is the portion size. The meal was about $53 with delivery charges, which is not out of line with other northern restaurant meal costs, but there really wasn’t a lot. For the same amount of money, the Navigator, our only other local source of Chinese cuisine, would provide enough for my wife and I to have leftovers for a second meal…. here, it was just one plate each.

Anyway, I am glad to see a little bit more variety coming to the local food scene and, sometime soon, I will investigate the menu, and the premises, a little more fully and do a more thorough review…


I am a lawyer by profession and my practice is Criminal... I mean, I specialize in Criminal law. My work involves travelling on Court circuits to remote Arctic communities. In between my travels I write a Food blog at

4 thoughts on “Thai Food Comes to Iqaluit!

  1. Wow, $53.00 for that meal. Yes, that must um..normal up there. I had dinner at the Chinese restaurant which I’m not sure if it was the Navigator. This was back in 1993. I had mussels in black bean sauce..

    The couple-owners were from northern China…rather suitable if only to adjust to the winters up there!

  2. I worked in Resolute Bay and Grise Fiord (one of my favourite places on earth) circa 1980 as a community health nurse, and was lucky to have the Hercules pilots bring me ingredients for cooking Chinese and Indian meals. I would make my own egg rolls, chicken balls, chow mein and dumplings. You never knew what treasures they would descend with, and it was always exciting when we heard that a Hercules was landing. We two nurses would jump in our Suburban ( which doubled as the ambulance), and book it down the road 5 miles from the village to the Base.I recall receiving the most delicious golden pineapples from Hawaii and fresh leis once, a tremendous treat in dark December. We were having a tropical themed night at the Base and the wonder workers,( chefs who prepared fabulous meals at the military base), outshone themselves with suitably tropical offerings.

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