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Firepot Rib and Corn Soup

Firepot Rib and Corn Soup 01

My Firepot Stock, although somewhat depleted, is now almost three months old and is still very nicely fresh and flavorful. As I have done most of the experiments I planned for the basic project, and, since the stockpot takes up a heck of a lot of space in my fridge, I have decided that I am going to not replenish it any further but, rather, use up what I have left for soups and sauces.

The inspiration for today’s soup comes, funnily enough, from one of my Chinese cookery books. I say ‘funnily enough’ because there is nothing in the original recipe that one would normally identify as Chinese, being simply pork rib, sweet corn and potato boiled in water with no other seasoning than salt. That recipe uses quite a bit of pork, with the result that quite a nice stock can be formed just using water, but, here, I am just making a small amount and will use my Firepot Stock as a rich and ready-made flavor base…

The ingredients for this very simple little recipe consist of no more than the following:

  • 6 – 8 sections of Pork Rib;
  • 1 small potato;
  • 1 ear of Sweet Corn;
  • 2 ½ cups good quality Stock;
  • Salt to taste.

You probably won’t be reproducing my Firepot Stock in order to try this out and so a nice chicken stock would be a great substitute. Indeed, since my stock has become quite dark with the passage of time, a nice light broth would actually make for a prettier presentation.

Firepot Rib and Corn Soup 02

First, quickly sauté your rib sections in a little oil. You don’t need to cook them all the way through, just get a nice browning on the surfaces.

Firepot Rib and Corn Soup 03

Blot the ribs with paper towels to remove the excess oil and then slice the corn cob crosswise into 1 inch pieces and cut the potato into chunks. Add these ingredients, along with the stock, to a suitable vessel for cooking. You can, if you wish, slowly simmer the ingredients in a saucepan on the stovetop but I used a casserole and cooked in the oven. About 1 hour at 300 degrees is sufficient but, essentially, you really only need to cook the dish until the potato is nice and tender. At the end of the cooking time, taste the broth and add salt if necessary.

The Verdict

Simple and good…


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